Sophie Turner Says She Still Wants To See Justin Bieber Guest Star On ‘Game Of Thrones’

Game of Thrones is currently one of the most popular TV shows and grabbing a feature on the show doesn’t come easily. Fans were already enchanted by Ed Sheeran’s cameo in the season premiere and are curious of what other celebrity cameos might follow. Well, Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner revealed during an interview at Comic-Con that she wants to see Justin Bieber as the show’s next big cameo.

Sheeran’s cameo came as a surprise for Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark on the famous show and happens to be a huge Sheeran fan. Despite Turner spoiling the surprise for her Game of Thrones sister, Williams enjoyed the cameo gift and put Turner’s mind back on Bieber.

“They did [the Sheeran cameo] as a surprise,” Turner told Entertainment Tonight. “I was kind of mad because I’ve been talking about Bieber coming on the show for a while now, but it’s fine. I’m over it.”

Turner isn’t shy about her love for Bieber and would still love to see the singer take on the Game of Thrones set. Her willingness to see the singer guest star must be especially strong since the star overlooked DNCE frontman and boyfriend Joe Jonas for the next musical cameo. Perhaps this request comes at a good time since Bieber recently canceled the remainder of his “Purpose Tour” dates.

Justin Bieber performs at 2016 Jingle Ball

It isn’t too late to rule out a Bieber cameo despite some backlash that Sheeran’s cameo had picked up on Twitter. Regardless, many fans were excited about the cameo and wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to be an extra if they had the chance. In fact, Bieber wouldn’t be the second, or maybe even the last, star to grace the TV show.

Game of Thrones cameos are all the rage lately and have become a coveted opportunity for famous Thrones fans. Sheeran isn’t the only star with a once in a life time opportunity, New York Mets’ star pitcher Noah Syndergaard will also suit up for a cameo.

Syndergaard, a huge fan of the HBO hit, will have his opportunity to be an extra on the show, but we don’t know when. The Mets’ pitcher revealed that the show invited him with the possibility of a role with knowledge of how public he is about his love for the show. After all, Syndergaard assures that Citi Field plays the Game of Thrones theme every time he gets up to bat.

Syndergaard has revealed that he will either be killed or kill somebody in his cameo and that his role has no lines. Lines or not, it would be hard to miss the 6-foot-6 pitcher whether he looks like he belongs there or not.So, fans can expect to get a glimpse of Syndergaard in Game of Thrones and possible in some Lannister armor.

Noah Syndergaard celebrates Gotham Magazine's spring issue

While no one can ever be certain of what will happen on the unpredictable series, fans will have their eyes set on at least one more star to spot in the show. Only time will tell what fans will think of the Syndergaard cameo, that is, if they can spot him.

Fans can take solace in one thing, though, that if Bieber ever graces a scene of Game of Thrones it will be entirely because of Sansa Stark.

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