Tesla Model 3 Price With Extra Options, Interior, And Sales Still In Question As Release Date Nears

Tesla Model 3 price with options interior unknown ras elease date nears

With an official launch just days from now, the Tesla Model 3 price for the base model is known, but some customers who reserved the car could be paying much more. Tesla has listed the car’s base price at $35,000 on their website, but that’s before extra features or options are added into the mix. It’s still unknown at this point how much the price increases as these “extras” are factored in. While those consumers who pre-ordered the base model have a good idea of what they’ll be paying, customers who reserved the new car with other options added in will be staring at a different final bill. Many people who have yet to order the new car are cautiously waiting to see how that unfolds.

Another mystery, is what does the new car have inside? As CNET indicated in their recent report about the new Tesla Model 3, it’s also still mostly unknown how the car’s interior looks. It’s being speculated that it will be “less impressive” than what is featured inside of the Model S, based on the affordability factor. However, it is noted that there are no gauges in the dash ahead of the steering wheel like normal cars have. Instead, the Tesla Model 3 uses a 15-inch display screen to allow the driver to monitor what those gauges typically display. That makes it one of the first cars ever to use a dashboard lacking those real life gauges.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk hoping for successful model 3 debut

Besides the base price and lack of dashboard gauges, what else is known about the car? The car is said to have seating room for up to five adults, has a 14 cubic foot front/rear trunk cargo volume, and features pay per use supercharging with 215 miles or more range. It also goes from 0 to 60 miles per hour in a cool 5.6 seconds. In addition to all of that, Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk has already revealed the car’s exterior look via Twitter earlier this month.

Despite so many unknowns, the car is already a hit with many customers who just had to have one. A report in May from Car & Driver said that over 400,000 reservations for the Model 3 had been surpassed and that Tesla was preparing to handle having more of their cars on the roadways. The company was said to be planning to open up to 100 locations for retail, delivery, and service in the coming year, while also bringing about more mobile-repair trucks to meet the demands of new customers.

Tesla Model S on display at CES 2017

The car company’s stock has done well over the past year. Tesla was trading at 343.85 at the close of the markets on Wednesday. The stock’s 52-week low was just over 178, with its high nearing 390. Despite its upwards trend, there are still those who are bearish on this newer car maker based on a general lack of results. That could change with the new Model 3.

On Friday, the world officially learns even more about this new, more affordable, all-electric sedan from Elon Musk’s company. As Business Insider reported, this particular car release for Tesla could really help boost their standing amongst car manufacturers by making them a major player. That’s if the Tesla Model 3 unveiling is a success. However, a poor showing during the car’s debut on Friday could hurt Tesla going forward based on media criticism, as fewer consumers would order the car, hurting the overall sales numbers for Tesla.

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