Girlfriend Of California Teen Killed By Sister In Livestreamed Car Crash Blames Social Media [Video]

The girlfriend of the 14-year-old Stockton, California girl killed in livestreamed car crash is blaming not the victim’s sister who was behind the wheel, but social media, for Jacqueline Sanchez’s death.

Manuela Seja, also 14, was in the car when the crash was captured on livestream video on a Los Banos area road. Although she too was injured in the wreck, Seja said she really is “affected” by social media, adding “that’s what life is now.”

Obdulia Sanchez, 18, filmed her sister’s bloody remains on the side of the road after the fatal car crash in the Stockton area last Friday. The elder Sanchez has been arrested on driving under the influence and vehicular manslaughter charges.

Jacqueline Sanchez and Manuela Seja began their relationship about seven months ago. Seja, who was not reportedly wearing a seatbelt, sustained a serious injury to her leg in the crash. Sanchez was ejected through the back window of her sister’s car.

Obdulia Sanchez was driving home after picking up Seja to spend time with her sister when the livestream video and the car crash occurred. Sanchez’s cellphone video captured the moment the car crashed into a barbed wire fence and flipped over from the road into a field.

The car driven by Obdulia Sanchez veered across lanes and then off the street entirely as she attempted to correct her driving path. Jacqueline Sanchez was not wearing a seatbelt when the car crashed, the Daily Mail reports.

Instagram issued a statement about the fatal California car crash after the video shot both before and after the fatal accident went viral. The Instagram statement said the social media network was “deeply saddened” about the incident. The same public release urged users to report any behavior or content which could put the safety of anyone at risk.

Obdulia Sanchez talked both to the livestream video viewers and her dying sister after the car crash.

“I f***k**g killed my sister, OK? I know I’m going to jail for life. I love my sister this is the last thing I thought was going to happen to us. I killed my sister, but I don’t care. I killed my sister. I know I’m going to prison, but I don’t care. I’m sorry baby. I’m a hold it down. Wake up baby, I’m f***k**g sorry baby, I did not mean to kill you sweetie.”

Livestream Car Crash Video – Warning: Graphic Content

Manuela Seja lives in Stockton, about 140 miles away from the Sanchez home in Los Banos. The girlfriend of the car crash victim said the distance did not cause a problem in their relationship because Sanchez would come pick her up every weekend, according to ABC News.

Seja said she and Jacqueline Sanchez began as friends before entering a romantic relationship. Seja said Sanchez was funny without trying to be, wanted to travel the world one day, and could always make people smile.

“She wasn’t like everyone else,” the teenage crash survivor added.

Evelyn Sanchez, 12, also spoke to local reporters about the fatal car crash and both of her sisters. The Los Banos girl claimed a tire blew out on the car and there was nothing her oldest sister could do to prevent the crash.

The grieving little sister said Obdulia Sanchez told relatives she wished that she, and not Jacqueline, had died in the crash. Evelyn Sanchez went on to say, without elaborating, that Obdulia has “done a lot of stuff.”

The eldest sister had a “rough childhood” according to her father. Obdulia recently graduated from high school after spending the past two years in the custody of California Child Protective Services.

California Highway Patrol officers are still investigating the fatal crash and cannot yet confirm or deny the claims about a blown tire. Law enforcement investigators will be reviewing the vehicle this week and are still working on getting warrants for all of the cellphones which the three teenagers had while inside the vehicle.

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