'Below Deck Mediterranean' Star Hannah Ferrier On Whether She And Adam Glick Actually Had Sex

Tuesday night's Below Deck Mediterranean showed a surprising development between two co-stars. Throughout the season, chief stew Hannah Ferrier and chef Adam Glick have butted heads, particularly over Adam's unwillingness early on to cater to the guests' every dietary wish. By the end of the latest episode, however, Adam and Hannah were shown not only being very friendly toward one another but also very flirtatious. Hannah even kissed Adam, and they left the bar that they and the crew were hanging out in to go back to the yacht together. As for what they were going to do once they got back to the boat, Adam gleefully announced to Malia White and Wesley Walton that he and Hannah were going to "poke it out."

The flirtatious scene between Hannah and Adam started out with them, during a night out on the town, sitting and talking with one another outside of a bar as the rest of the crew were inside. Hannah, who clearly had a few drinks, told Adam that she was glad she met her. Adam told Hannah that he's glad that he met her as well. Hannah then leaned toward Adam.

He smiled and said, "Go ahead," which prompted Hannah to take his face with her hands and kiss him right on the lips.

"Here we go," Adam said after the kiss with a smile.

Adam then told Hannah that they're both missing love, to which Hannah laughed and corrected that she's actually missing "a six-inch c**k." She touched Adam's thigh and continued to laugh some more. When Hannah, with a hand on Adam's shoulder, announced that she was heading back to the boat, Adam said that he would accompany her. He said that he didn't want to watch Malia flirting with other guys anymore. When he went inside the bar to look for his hat, he told Max Hagley and Malia that he and Hannah were going to have sex.

"Oh she's f**king wasted. Yeah, yeah, we're gonna go f**king, poke it out right now actually."
When Malia told Adam that he should do just that, Adam, clearly angry over how Malia led him on romantically only to go with Wes instead, told her that she's "not special at all" but rather "actually pretty disgusting." Adam met back up with Hannah outside, where he said that he wanted to go to bed.

"And by go to bed I mean..." he started, to which Hannah replied, "You mean go to bed with me?"

The Below Deck Mediterranean episode ended with Hannah and Adam walking off together. It didn't reveal whether Hannah and Adam actually got intimate with one another back on the boat. So did Hannah and Adam actually have sex?

As the episode aired, Hannah responded to a viewer's criticism that she "screw[ed]" both a guest, in reference to Jason Ziegler, the charter guest from a few episodes back, and Adam. Hannah replied that she "didn't screw" either.

A few episodes back, Hannah was shown flirting with Jason and running after him into his room after the rest of the crew and guests retired for the night. While the door was closed, the mic picked up kissing and moaning sounds. When Jason left, he left the crew such a big tip that they were astounded. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Hannah revealed after the episode aired that she and Jason are still friends and talk all the time.On Twitter, Hannah joked that she kisses everyone when drunk.
She also admitted that she got a bit out of control that night.
While Hannah and Adam, according to Hannah, stayed platonic throughout the charter season, viewers will apparently see them get closer as friends. In one tweet, Hannah teased that people may see her and Adam "collaborate and mess with heads" in later episodes.
Indeed, a preview for the next Below Deck Mediterranean episode shows Hannah Ferrier agreeing with Adam Glick that Malia White unfairly led him on and that she might now be doing the same thing to Wesley Walton. Perhaps this means that viewers will see Hannah, wanting to get revenge for Adam and stop Wes from getting further involved with Malia, reveal something negative about Malia to Wes?

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