Man Allegedly Tries To Drown Wife In Dog Bowl Over Frozen Pizza

Orange City, FL – A man allegedly attempted to drown his wife after she served him a slice of “raw” pizza, according to CBS Tampa.

Dissatisfied with his wife’s ability to cook a frozen pizza, 47-year-old Richard Watson reportedly flew into a fit of rage. In protest of his spouse’s culinary abilities, Robert angrily tossed his food onto the floor. Watson’s wife reportedly threw her plate onto the ground as well.

The couple’s argument soon began to escalate to dangerous levels. Police explained that Robert later tackled his wife, grabbed her by the head, and shoved her face into their dog’s water bowl.

UPI reports that Debra Watson managed to knock the water out of the bowl before she drowned. Still enraged, Robert allegedly began choking his wife while telling her that he wanted to kill her.

“She felt her life was going to end,” Orange City Commander Jason Sampsell explained to The Daytona Beach News-Journal.

At some point during the confrontation, Debra was able to call police. When officers arrived at the couple’s home, her hair was still wet from the fight. However, authorities stated that she didn’t require hospitalization for her injuries.

Robert told police the only reason he grabbed his wife was to keep her from breaking dishes during their argument. Officers apparently didn’t buy his story; Watson was arrested and transported to the Volusia County Jail.

During a telephone interview with the News-Journal, Debra said she wasn’t sure why her husband attacked her that evening. She assumed it had something to do with the frozen pizza they had prepared for dinner. However, Debra was quick to place the blame on her husband for the pizza debacle. She refused to elaborate further.

For shoving his wife’s face into a dog bowl full of water, Robert has been charged with attempted murder, strangulation, and battery. His bond was set at $22,000.