‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Raven Begs ‘BB19’ Fans For Money – Scam Artist Or Really Dying?

Big Brother 19 spoilers from social media reveal that BB fans are heavily divided about Raven Walton’s game play. Raven has made claims since coming into BB19 that were refuted by other gastroparesis sufferers. Some of Raven’s statements that drew criticism include that her condition is terminal, she and her mother are members of Mensa, she’ll be dead in a few years, and she cannot have children. Not only is Raven polarizing Big Brother fans, but players as well. Many are privately critical of her constant talk about her medical condition and her cam talking pleas for financial assistance from Big Brother fans.

Is Raven’s condition terminal or not?

There are myriad comments on Reddit about Big Brother 19’s Raven Walton in particular. Many of the comments center on her condition and claims about her illness. While it’s one thing for non-sufferers to speculate on the issue of this illness, it’s another to hear from other sufferers of gastroparesis, commonly abbreviated as GP, on their experiences with the disease.

Redditor PaigeNotCasey, another GP sufferer, disputes the claim of Raven’s illness being a terminal condition.

“While I am not a doctor, I also have gastroparesis. Mine is idiopathic, meaning it has no known cause, it just happened. MOST people have a reason. The usual causes are diabetes or auto immune disease. Those are two things that can kill you. You know what can’t kill you? Gastroparesis.”

Another GP sufferer on Reddit, MagsAndTelly, also denied the terminal claim.

“She’s being super over-dramatic. I say that as someone with GP. They replace your pacemaker or you can go on a feeding tube or a liquid diet. She’s not terminal.”

Yet another commenter, Redditor SGordoBBFan, wrote that the gastric pacemaker that Raven considers a burden is really a lifesaver.

“My aunt has GP and also has the pacemaker. She has had it for almost 10 years ( she has had the battery changed twice)… I’m not sure how Raven feels this is a death sentence. The pacemaker saved my aunt’s life. She has had diabetes since she was the 13 and is now in her 60’s.”

Another GP patient on Reddit, TwinkleSprinkle27, wrote, “People with chronic diseases normally DON’T want to be defined solely by their disease. THIS is the biggest problem I have with Raven. It’s one thing to ‘raise awareness’. It’s another to make it your entire identity.”

VeteranLurker100577, who claims on Reddit that he (or she) is a doctor who treats people with GP, commented, “In 16 years not one of my patients has died of this. Therefore raven is FULL. OF. S**T…. A person with gastroparesis is not any more likely to die than you or I. Sure having a device implanted to stimulate your stomach to move the food along is a pain in the butt, but seriously…that’s it.”

On the other side, there is a community of supporters that think Raven is being 100 percent authentic and call themselves her “GP sisters.”

Statement from Raven’s doctor

Raven’s mother, Stacy, is well aware of the criticism by Big Brother 19 viewers and is trying to combat the naysayers. Of interest is that Stacy also suffers from GP. Raven’s mom took to Instagram, using Raven’s account, and posted a video of her with Raven’s physician, Dr. Thomas Abell. In the short video, Dr. Abell said more research is needed, but he didn’t speak as much as Raven’s mom.

After Dr. Abell made general comments, Stacy took over and said, “So there’s basically many different ways to die from gastroparesis is what you’re saying.”

However, Dr. Abell didn’t say that and looked distinctly uncomfortable when Raven’s mom said it, and then the video cut off abruptly.


Raven asked Big Brother watchers for money

Recently on the BB19 live feeds, Raven made conflicting statements about her condition and fate.

Raven said if she had a child, “I have 80% that my kid will have my disease and it’ll be double of what I have so my kid will pass away with it.”

However, according to the Gastroparesis Patient Association, “Gastroparesis is not considered to be hereditary. However, there are some causes, such as autoimmune diseases which can lead to gastroparesis, which are hereditary. So gastroparesis can and does run in families.”

The underlying cause of her illness might be hereditary, but not the condition itself. And an internet search on the condition doesn’t suggest it’s a terminal condition. Raven also talked about wanting to freeze her eggs but then said she might not want to do that if she’ll be dead in five years. Raven also told her showmance partner, Matt, that she’s actively and imminently dying.

Then Raven went on, in the same conversation, to say the things she wanted to do before she died included a hysterectomy and knee surgery. These contradictory statements seem to baffle BB19 live feed watchers and spark questions about her honesty.

On Tuesday, July 25 live feeds, Kevin recounted for Paul that Raven said she wants to freeze her eggs and about her cam talking and asking viewers for money. There’s also Raven’s GoFundMe campaign that’s seeking $200,000 and has $4,000 raised since she started on BB19. But it’s not just her medical condition that Raven’s been fibbing about, according to intrepid viewers fact checking her claims. On July 22, Raven told Paul that she and her mother are both Mensa members.

However, Redditor Matt Hoffman disputes Raven’s Mensa claim and showed a screenshot from the directory of the high IQ society to prove she’s fibbing about being a member. All these inconsistencies beg the question of what’s fact and what’s fiction when it comes to Raven Walton on Big Brother 19.

Houseguests tired of Raven’s tale of woe?

Last night on the Big Brother 19 live feeds, when Raven took over the conversation in the hot tub, it wasn’t long before the other HGs abandoned the scene. There are two factors working against Raven. One is that her illness might make her more sympathetic to the jury, and that’s a problem. Second is that the HGs seem to be tired of her tales of woe. Only Cody stuck around to listen in the end. Many Big Brother watchers continue to be skeptical of Raven’s claims, so the controversy continues for now.

For now, Raven doesn’t seem to be a major target, but who knows what will happen on BB19 in coming days. This week, Ramses is a lock for eviction over Josh, and many in the Big Brother house have their eye on Mark as the next to go if they can’t send Jessica or Cody packing because of Jessica’s temptation advantage.

Big Brother 19 airs tonight at 8 p.m. on CBS. Come back soon for more Big Brother 19 spoilers.

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