Study Finds 90 Percent Of American Men Are Overfat, What Is The Difference From Overweight?

A recent study revealed that 90 percent of men in America are overfat. What does it really mean and what is the difference between overfat and overweight?

The interesting result of the study was published in the Frontiers in Public Health journal on July 24 edition. According to the study, the global pandemic of overfat in the world has generated a serious concern on public health.

Before we continue and begin to panic, we need to understand the difference between this phenomenon called overfat from overweight and obesity. An overfat is a different condition from overweight or obese. The term overfat refers to a person with excess body fat, which can harm the person’s health. Someone who is overfat does not mean to be overweight or obese. The researchers, Philip Maffetone, Ivan Rivera-Dominguez, and Paul Larsen define overfat as someone whose waistline’s measurement is more than half of the person’s height.

In their previous research, the three of them have found that 76 percent of the global population is having overfat problem. For the latest research, the researchers focused on 30 top developed countries and discovered more alarming result. They found that the overfat problem is ubiquitous in United States, Canada United Kingdom, as well as other developed countries, including Greece and Iceland

Man overfat on scale.
Man measures his weight on scale. [Image by Creatas Images/Thinkstock]

The research finds that Greek, and Iceland’s men are among the highest percentage of being overfat, even higher than the United States. This is very surprising because people in both countries are considered to have more healthy lifestyle than other developed countries. In Greece, 91 percent of the men are overfat and almost 94 percent of men in Iceland have the same problem. While men who live in Canada and United Kingdom are 84 and 86 percent overfat, respectively.

Professor Larsen expressed his surprise at the result of the overfat people in the developed countries. In taking the measurement for the research, Profesor Larsen and team took a serious consideration to the fat in the abdominal section, because excessive abdominal fat is the most unhealthy form of overfat condition.

Man overfat and overweight.
Overweight man sits on a bench [Image by Digital Vision/ThinkStock]

“Abdominal overfat is the most unhealthful form of this condition, so it is concerning that average waist circumference measures, generally indicative of abdominal overfat, have increased.”

The global overfat pandemic is considered to be a serious public health crisis. It is because excessive body fat can lead to high blood pressure and health problems. Insulin resistance, chronic inflammation, coronary heart disease, stroke, and high cholesterol are among the health problems generated from overfat.

One interesting result of the research is that they found people who are physically active, such as professional athletes and military personnel are also overfat. Therefore, being active in physical exercise does not hinder someone from being overfat. The most important thing to avoid being overfat, which can lead to overweight, is to manage the waist measurement and abdominal fat.

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