‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam Loses Consciousness, Dr. Obrecht Is Out To Destroy Hayden

Jason Merritt, Rob Loud, Alberto E. Rodriguez

Tensions are rising, tempers are flaring, and cunning plots are unfurling in the town of Port Charles. The July 26 episode of General Hospital will present the characters with unique conundrums and sticky situations.

Jason (Billy Miller) has reached the point where he’ll have to face the fact that something is very wrong with Sam (Kelly Monaco). Meanwhile, Jason is blissfully unaware of what Sam has done to Sonny (Maurice Benard).

While Sam tries to tell Jason that they are safe now, she loses consciousness in her husband’s arms. Is Sam’s illness a convenient distraction to divert attention away from her actions against Sonny?

Once Sam regains consciousness, she tells Jason the great news: they are finally safe. But Jason doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Safe from who? He didn’t even know they were in danger in the first place. Moreover, what exactly has Sam done to eliminate the mysterious threat?

Jason decides to put his questions aside and rush Sam to General Hospital as a matter of urgency.

In the meantime, Sonny has been seriously injured after being shot by Sam. She deserted him and left him for dead, and what’s worse is that nobody in Port Charles even knows Sonny is missing.

General Hospital spoilers are quick to remind viewers that Sonny is strong as an ox, and won’t take the assault lying down. He will inevitably survive this horrific situation.

Elsewhere in the realm of General Hospital, Spencer (Nicolas Bechtel) has managed to escape from his captors and return to Port Charles. As a result, Laura (Genie Francis) becomes preoccupied with trying to help Spencer figure out who kidnapped him in the first place.

General Hospital spoilers have also hinted that Spencer will try to frame Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) for his abduction, but Nina (Michelle Stafford) won’t just stand by and watch Spencer tell a lie. Will she insist that he comes clean and tell the truth?

Nina is dead set on clearing Valentin’s name, despite how difficult the task has been thus far. Meanwhile, Valentin will prepare to give his own version of events. At first, Spencer tries to intimidate Valentin by staring him down, but perhaps he will later decide to let him off the hook.

Finn (Michael Easton) seems to believe that he has been given a second chance, and tells Griffin (Matt Cohen) that he wants to make the best of the moment. But what does that mean? Is Finn going to try and build a robust and happy life with Hayden (Rebecca Budig)?

Meanwhile, Finn and Griffin seem to be making considerable progress with at General Hospital while trying to figure out what illness Sam has. Could it be something serious? Something like toxoplasmosis encephalitis perhaps?

In another part of Port Charles, Liz (Rebecca Herbst) and Hayden enjoy some sister bonding time, possibly sharing happy memories about their father. Will Liz share amusing anecdotes about being a mother?

Hayden seems to be very happy, but for how long? Dr. Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) is on the prowl, and would very much like to bring an end to Hayden’s joy. In fact, she’s bent on destroying Sam’s entire life, seeking revenge.

Although Dr. Obrecht’s plot will no doubt be very sinister, what exactly could she be planning? What we do know is that Dr. Obrecht will meet Hayden’s ex-husband, hoping to gain an ally by revealing Hayden’s location to him.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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