Jill Duggar Breaks Family Silence On Samuel Scott, Surprises Fans With Baby’s Growth

Duggar family fans have been a worried lot these past two weeks following Jill Dillard’s second delivery, but they can now rest assured that the reality star and her baby are on the path to recovery. Jill recently broke the silence with a cute picture of 2-week-old Samuel Scott.

Samuel Scott Dillard was born after an intense 40-hour failed labor, warranting a C-section. The first images of mother and son shared by the Dillard family worried fans. Derick’s first image of his second son immediately after the birth showed Samuel hooked to life-supporting devices in the hospital. No information was shared about Jill’s health. For fans, that was disconcerting as Jill had opted to labor despite a failed trial of labor before giving birth to Israel through C-section, more than two years ago. A failed labor and C-section decreases the odds of vaginal birth subsequently, while increasing risk of complication if labor is attempted again.

A few images shared less than a week after Samuel’s birth showed a tired-looking Jill. Fans were also worried when they spotted a tinge of yellow on the baby. While the Dillard and Duggar family did not reveal details of Samuel’s health at birth, fans suspected it could be neonatal jaundice. Jill’s latest image suggests that Samuel is a lot better. As for herself, Samuel’s image is the second she posted in less than a day. Jill’s last post was about a week ago. If her social media activity is any indication, the second Duggar daughter seems to be recovering from the ordeal of the surgery.

Meet #SamuelScottDillard This little handsome fella is getting bigger every day! We are so in love with him! ❤

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Many fans noted features that baby Dillard shares with members of the Duggar family. Some also pointed out that he was growing fast, an observation Jill made when she captioned the image.

He looks like a 2 month old! You grow nice big healthy babies @jillmdillard

The image is also likely to prove a huge relief for Duggar family fans, as it comes less than a day after another image that had fans worrying about Jill and Samuel’s health.

During the past two weeks, members of the Duggar clan posted videos congratulating Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard, but did not provide information about the Counting On star’s health and that of her newborn. Fans’ concerns for Jill Duggar’s well-being was further fueled when some of the family’s followers learned that her firstborn Israel continues to remain with Cathy Dillard, her mother-in-law. It is worth recollecting that just after giving birth to Israel, Jill introduced her son to the world through a video following a 70-hour labor and C-section. The couple had also discussed Israel’s birth less than a month after Israel was born.

While Tuesday’s image of Samuel Scott addresses some concerns, fans yearn to know more about Jill’s health. Will she talk about it anytime soon?

[Featured Image by Jill Duggar Dillard/Instagram]