Jenelle Evans Slammed Over Kid’s Name: Did Bad History Play A Role In Child’s Name?

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is excited these days because she has just released her first book about her troubled life. Jenelle has filmed Teen Mom 2 for years, and she first joined the MTV family when she filmed 16 & Pregnant. However, there are so many stories and experiences that Evans has gone through that fans know nothing about, so she decided to write a book about it. The book has just been released, and fans are super excited to read it. However, Jenelle is dealing with some other issues in regards to her second son, Kaiser.

Apparently, some people believe that Jenelle named her son after Kaiser Wilheim. Many of her Twitter followers believe that Evans named her son to celebrate white supremacy. Since Kaiser’s middle name is Orion, these fans further believe that she is trying to rattle some feathers. However, Jenelle denied these accusations. According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans explained that she didn’t know who Wilheim was prior to naming her son. In addition, there seems to be a misunderstanding about the word Kaiser.

As it turns out, the word “Kaiser” actually means Emperor in German. It’s not a name as such; it is a title. It could be compared to “President,” for example. In other words, Jenelle’s son, Kaiser, isn’t named after a specific person as some people may think.

But first I had to leave my babe behind to find my dress. ????

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It seems crazy that some people would assume that she’s naming her son after a person who is clearly not popular in history. But as Evans explains, she had no idea who this person was prior to naming her son, and she has no intention of explaining herself. At the time, she and Nathan Griffith felt it was a good name for their son, and they are happy with their decision.

As for Evans, she doesn’t feel the need to explain herself or her decision to name her son something else. She is currently taking care of her daughter Ensley, who also has an unusual but beautiful name.

He's definitely going to break hearts one day. ???? #LittleFisherman #Heartbreaker

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What do you think of Jenelle Evans’ decision to tackle these accusations on social media? Do you think people’s comments about her name decision is fair or do you think people are just trying to make her feel bad about anything and everything?

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