Are Bill O’Reilly And Sean Hannity Looking To Team Up At New Network?

Fox News is without Bill O’Reilly, and they could be without Sean Hannity as well. Mediate has the news about a possible shakeup involving both Hannity and O’Reilly.

“There are whisperings in the media world suggesting that Bill O’Reilly wants to team up with his former Fox News colleague, Sean Hannity, and launch a new joint venture.”

The article adds that New York Magazine‘s Gabriel Sherman sat down with Joy Reid on her show this past Sunday and claimed that Sinclair Broadcasting wants to hire the two. Sinclair is on the verge of becoming the biggest conservative network and getting heavyweight conservatives like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity could push them to the top.

Many of the commenters after the article, who aren’t fans of either of these two, think this is a bad idea.

“I wonder how long it’ll take before Billy0 [sic] sexually harasses a coworker again? I give it 4 months tops,” says The AntiJesus

“A comedy channel no doubt. They are both such a barrel of laughs,” claims Joel.

However, some of the commenters think it’s a good idea and that Fox News was wrong for firing Bill O’Reilly. Some also think that Sean Hannity has been very upset with the network for not allowing him to speak his mind.

Bill O’Reilly is still angry at his firing from Fox News after several sexual harassment allegations. According to the A.V. Club, O’Reilly claims he will reveal the truth behind his Fox News takedown.

Fox News fires Bill O'Reilly
Some think Bill O'Reilly shouldn't have been fired from Fox News. [Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]

The article states that O’Reilly believes there was a conspiracy among far-left progressive organizations that are also trying to shut down President Trump and anybody who disagrees with their agenda. The article also criticizes O’Reilly for being a hypocrite since he tried to take down Obama and his agenda for eight years.

Meanwhile, Sean Hannity is still suffering a backlash from putting forth conspiracy theories that Seth Rich, a Democratic National Committee employee who was murdered in a possible botched robbery, was actually killed because of his alleged association with Wikileaks.

Fox News still supports Sean Hannity
Many believe Sean Hannity won't be at Fox News much longer. [Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

According to The Atlantic, Hannity lost some advertisers for his Fox News show over this.

“At least five advertising firms have pulled their commercials from the Sean Hannity Show on Fox News following the television host’s coverage of a false murder conspiracy.”

However, the efforts to take down Sean Hannity failed, mostly because Fox News refused to come down on him as they did with Bill O’Reilly. It’s also true that Sean Hannity fought back hard. According to the Washington Examiner, Bill O’Reilly wishes he would have fought back as well.

“Bill O’Reilly said on Thursday that he regrets not dealing with his left-wing critics in the same way Sean Hannity did because it may have saved his job at Fox News…”

O’Reilly believes Sean Hannity did things “the right way.” However, if the reports are true, perhaps Sean and Bill will both be able to talk about their exits at Fox News very soon while working together at a brand new job.

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