Abby Lee Miller Gets Into Prison Fight, Spends Days Crying And Reading Trashy Romance Novels

Abby Lee Miller has been in prison serving time for her bankruptcy fraud issues. The last few years have been plagued with issues for the former Dance Moms star. She has been in and out of the spotlight with her misdeeds being broadcast to anyone who would listen. Miller’s demeaning way of handling her students on the show brought controversy and coupled with her fraud charges; it has been a losing battle. Unfortunately, it isn’t over. Abby Lee Miller is currently serving 366 days behind bars with not a single soul by her side.

After reporting to prison less than a month ago, Abby Lee Miller is already having a hard time fitting in. She had talked about her prison fears as she awaited her reporting date, and now, it is clear her worries were valid. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Abby Miller has already been in her first prison fight. It was only a verbal shouting match, but it was enough to put her name on the radar. There were no physical injuries, and the parties were not issued any citations for their outburst. It is being said that the woman who approached Miller and screamed at her was annoyed watching her cry every day. She is spending all of her time crying in a room and reading romance novels. It appears that Abby hasn’t made friends and isn’t being welcomed into the world of prison inmates.

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The revelation that Abby Lee Miller has already been in a prison fight isn’t shocking to fans who watched her on Dance Moms. She was heavily criticized for the way she treated the young girls and their moms. While it is true Miller wanted them to do their best, the harsh way she talked to the students was enough to anger viewers. Trouble seems to follow her around, and while she was still filming the reality show, she was involved in some legal troubles as well.

With several months still left to serve in her prison sentence, Abby Lee Miller is going to have to learn to sit down and cope with the hand she was dealt. If she wants to tempt the other inmates and see what a physical altercation could look like, it could be much worse than anything she saw on television. Miller isn’t used to not being the center of attention. Now, she is just a number and a body. Her concerns were valid before entering prison, and now, Abby Lee Miller will experience some “real life” while she pays for the crimes she was convicted of despite her innocent pleas.

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