Google+ Debuts 18 New Features, Pushes Hard For Mobile Integration

Google on Friday announced 18 new features for the Google+ social network. Features announced include options for the company’s internet browser, Android, and iOS Google+ apps.

Using their mobile devices, users can now access Google+ Communities, edit profiles, and even indicate how many users they want to attend an event. Also available for users running Google Android 4.2 or above is the ability to add animated images to events and inside posts.

Mobile users can also create Photo Sphere images if they are running Google Android 3.0 or higher. Photo Sphere images can also be viewed from a mobile users smartphone.

Google is also now adding 5GB of free storage for full-size backups of photos along with its already available standard-size option that provides unlimited storage at 2048px.

If users want to test out the storage option, they need to turn on Instant Upload, which will save photos in a private Google+ photo album.

Also changed for the general Google+ platform are the Google+ Events and Google+ Hangouts system.

In Google+ Hangouts, the search giant has created a better system that can use less bandwidth to connect. With less bandwidth being used, customers with slower connections down to 150KB/second can now enjoy Hangout connectivity.

The Google+ Events system, in the meantime, allows users to duplicate events with automatic information filling and other features meant to streamline the process.