Fredrik Eklund Makes Shocking Career Decision: ‘Million Dollar Listing’ Star Has Reached The Top?

Fredrik Eklund is one of the most successful real-estate agents in New York City. He has shared updates on social media for months about how well he and his team are doing. He is often the number one seller and sales listing agent in the city, even though he is competing with his co-stars on Million Dollar Listing: New York. When Fredrik and his team saw themselves rank on these lists, they took it as motivation to do better. But what do you do when you have reached the top? Do you stop working hard or do you leave the industry because you have reached the top? Many feel that once you have reached the top, the only way to go is down.

According to a new Instagram post, Fredrik Eklund reveals that he is removing himself and his team from all lists so they can’t be compared to people in the industry. On Instagram, Fredrik reveals that he and his team has ranked number one on sales lists from the Wall Street Journal for four years in a row, and they are removing themselves from these lists going forward. As Eklund explains, he feels they have outgrown the competition, and they were only on the list to compete with themselves.

After being named the #1 team in New York on every list possible over the years, including this year's #1 on Real Trends / Wall Street Journal as well as #1 the last four years nationwide at Douglas Elliman, my team and I have decided to remove ourselves from all rankings moving forward. Even the company's own rankings. My team was always competing against ourselves anyway. We feel that we have outgrown the industry competitiveness we once took part in. And honestly, these lists create more headaches than they do good, taking away from the real price: doing the actual deals for our clients, and multiple of those every day. I chose to put it out here, once and for all, as there's been a lot of unnecessary chatter lately about these rankings. As we will continue to scale up our business and move into bigger and even better projects, we won't be on any lists and won't submit our data to anyone. Thank you, and to all you new, aspiring real estate agents out there: don't ever give up, this job is worth the tough beginning. I believe in you. ????????

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In other words, Fredrik Eklund’s career decision isn’t that he is going to leave the industry behind. He is doing very well, he is writing his second book, and he has a massive audience thanks to Million Dollar Listing: New York. This year, Fredrik is also bonding with Ryan Serhant and the new agent on the show, Steve Gold. The two know each other from previous work, but it sounds like Fredrik is done comparing himself to others in the industry.

I believe.

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Perhaps Fredrik Eklund realizes that friendships are better than the aggressive competition when it comes to Million Dollar Listing: New York. He has always competed with his co-stars on the show, so this move could improve his friendships with his co-stars.

What do you think of Fredrik Eklund’s comments about his decision to remove himself and his team from professional performance lists? Do you think this is a wise choice for himself to avoid the added pressure?

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