Trump Blocks Chrissy Teigen On Twitter – But Teigen Gets More Than 100,000 Likes For The Blocked Screenshot

Chrissy Teigen can now be added to the long list of people that President Donald Trump has blocked on Twitter. Trump has blocked so many people on Twitter that the hashtag #TrumpBlockedMe has become a common point of interest, as reported by the Inquisitr. Meanwhile, President Trump is making news for an early-morning tweet jokingly claiming that 11-year-old Barron Trump will be next up to testify that Barron had nothing to do with colluding with Russians. Whereas some of Trump’s Twitter followers found the joke funny, others are accusing President Trump of using his young son Barron as a political ploy, or a young chess piece of sorts in a dangerous game of alleged treason.

Why Did President Trump Block Chrissy Teigen On Twitter?

According to Teigen in the below tweet, she has been “hating” Trump for nine years, but it took a tweet from Chrissy telling Trump that no one likes him to get Teigen blocked from Trump’s tweets. As of this writing, the screenshot that Teigen shared to her own Twitter account saying “@realDonaldTrump blocked you” has gained more than 100,000 likes. Now Chrissy joins famous folks like Bakari Sellers who have been blocked by Trump, and turn to others who haven’t been blocked by Trump on Twitter to provide them with President Trump’s latest tweets.

According to the Daily Mail, President Trump blocked Chrissy after Teigen responded to a tweet from President Trump that accused Republicans of not protecting their president. After Teigen had replied to Trump that no one likes him, Chrissy found herself blocked by Trump on Twitter. Teigen directly tweeted Trump 19 times since he became President Trump.

Teigen’s Twitter bio jokes that she is a “high-quality person,” something that President Trump called his son, Donald Trump, Jr.

Trump blocked Teigen
Christine Teigen [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for IMG]

Meanwhile, Chrissy is often known for being pretty active on Twitter. Her Twitter header profile photo shows a comment from a disgruntled woman on Twitter who spoke about Teigen’s “back attach boobs,” a comment so confusing and funny that Chrissy chose to make it a part of her Twitter page.

With Chrissy being blocked by Trump on Twitter, it seems Teigen will have to turn to other sources for her latest Trump Twitter tirades and updates and tweet storms.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen [Image by Dan Steinberg/AP Images]

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