Nathan Griffith Slams Jenelle’s Future Husband: Nathan Claims Jenelle Is Scheming In Front Of The Cameras?

Nathan Griffith isn’t really on Teen Mom 2 too much these days, as he hasn’t been in Jenelle Evans’ life as much since they broke up. She has been keeping their son, Kaiser, to herself because she feels that he isn’t putting his son first in his life. Jenelle told David Eason that she kept seeing bottles of booze around his house, and she didn’t want Kaiser to be a part of that. Nathan hasn’t said anything about these accusations, but he did decide to tweet things about David on social media as Teen Mom 2 aired last night on MTV.

According to a new tweet, Nathan Griffith may not say anything about Jenelle because he knows that they could be going to court soon over their son, Kaiser, and he doesn’t want his tweets to work against him. However, it sounds like Nathan isn’t holding back when it comes to David, and he hinted that Eason might have something to hide since he was wearing sunglasses in a restaurant during a scene on the show. However, Nathan could just be upset with Evans’ court preparation, as she got what she wanted after their mediation meeting. He decided to lash out on Twitter, pointing to Evans’ scheming behavior.

On Twitter, Nathan Griffith also hinted that fans would see the true side of Jenelle if they got together in one room, and the cameras filmed everything that happens behind closed doors. It sounds like Griffith wants the Teen Mom 2 cameras to be around the court drama, as he claims she’s different without them around.

Of course, Jenelle has previously said that Nathan Griffith can’t take care of himself and his son because he has other priorities. Nathan does take his personal fitness very seriously, and he is often at the gym. On Teen Mom 2, Jenelle has often slammed Griffith for spending more time at the gym than with his own son. Nathan, on the other hand, claims that Evans keeps their son away from him.

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Going after David Eason may not be the best thing for Nathan Griffith. Jenelle could use this against him to show how immature he is, especially if Nathan is trying to prove that he is an adult.

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What do you think of Nathan Griffith’s tweet about David? Do you think he’s proving that he is serious about custody or do you think he’s just lashing out at his ex-girlfriend because he’s upset about the courts always favoring her?

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