‘DOOL’ Head Writer Ron Carlivati Speaks Out On His Vision For Salem, Changes To Come, And Storylines

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DOOL fans got the first glimpse of Ron Carlivati’s scripts last week when he began bringing his plans for Salem to life. He has had a lot of time to research and try to make sense of some of the ongoing storylines he walked in to and quickly realized some wrongs should be righted. Recently he sat down with Soap Opera Digest and shared his thoughts on what that means.

The following will contain possible spoilers for Days of Our Lives. If you want to be surprised, stop reading now.

Ron Carlivati took over as head writer of DOOL but hadn’t been a regular viewer of the long-running soap opera. He had 50 years of history to catch up on so that he could develop a vision for Salem. As viewers are seeing already, that history lesson gave him the chance to learn about some characters who have been long gone from Salem. Ron Carlivati is bringing some of them back to the set.

According to Soap Opera Digest, Ron Carlivati shared that he first began watching DOOL and would ask questions about the storylines. When he realized that Chad and Abigail had the love story gone wrong, he started looking for ways to reconcile the two. As he has already said in tweets, and shown on the show, a Chabby reunion is in the works.

As for what Ron Carlivati has to say on where DOOL is headed, he wants to make it more like it was years ago — more engaging, with a little humor to offset the tears. While there are always the main characters, Ron Carlivati wants everyone to get a chance to be part of DOOL. He plans to have more characters involved in the upcoming storylines. Having said that, he is bringing back return characters, but will not be adding any until January.

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DOOL has been getting renewed each fall. Ron Carlivati has already been through a time with Days of Our Lives where he wondered how long he would have a job. When he first took the position he is in now, the show had not been picked up. If the show were to have been canceled, he would have only been there for six weeks. Ron Carlivati wants to make NBC happy with the ratings, so the contract for the show may cover several years.

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What do you think of Ron Carlivati’s work so far? Are you excited to see the changes he will bring to DOOL? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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