Tinder Couple Met For First Time After 3 Years Of Messaging, Epic Meeting Turning Into A Fairytale Romance?

After three long years of their cat-and-mouse game on a dating app, one Tinder couple got to meet for the very first time in person on national television. Josh Avsec and Michelle Arendas finally took the plunge and met face-to-face with millions of people watching on Good Morning America on Tuesday. What started out as a joke may be the beginning of a match made in Tinder Heaven.

The couple had been messaging off and on for three years after matching up on Tinder back in 2014. It was really a joke between the two Kent State college students that now has the world captivated. They could have just met each other the old-fashioned way since they do live on the same campus. However, they instead chose to play it up on the dating app, and according to ABC’s Good Morning America, their sense of humor played a big part in their friendship and possible future romance.

Josh had reached out to Michelle at the beginning of their humorous relationship. It initially took her two months to respond with an excuse that her phone had died. A couple months later, Josh messaged back that he was sorry, but he was in the shower. Their hilarious excuses continued for three years until Josh had taken to Twitter to reveal their Tinder conversations, stating that he would someday meet this girl.


His post got people’s attention on social media, with many saying that they were rooting for them and telling the Tinder couple that they need to get married. What started out as a joke for Michelle and Josh has now turned into a worldwide sensation. Michelle said on Good Morning America how she was totally committed to the joke and would not be the one to break it. It also took Josh three years to actually learn Michelle’s last name.

“I didn’t even know Michelle’s last name until the day after I posted it and a friend of a friend commented and tagged her on it.”


After learning of this couple’s long and strange relationship, Tinder had decided that enough was enough. It was time for this couple to meet in person. They told Josh and Michelle that they had 24 hours to decide what city they wanted to have their first date in. They would pay for them to go anywhere they wanted, as long as they were committed to finally meeting each other. There was not much hesitation in their joint decision to go to Maui for their first date.


However, they didn’t have to wait until they were in Hawaii to actually meet for the first time; ABC invited them on the morning show before their trip. This Tinder couple may just be the perfect match for each other.


Josh admitted that his sister actually met her fiancé through Tinder as well and had encouraged him to do the same. Who needs The Bachelor when you can meet your perfect match on Tinder and end up on being a viral sensation as well?

While this Tinder couple may just have their fairytale romance after all, Josh said that they will be taking it slow for now. They both have a great sense of humor as seen in their messages to each other, so now they get to see just how much more they have in common as they are basking on the beach in Maui.

[Featured Image by Leon Neal/Getty Images]