Amanda Bynes Gets Away With Hit-And-Runs, Angers City Attorney

Actress and horrid driver Amanda Bynes was able to skate by after two hit-and-run cases, and an L.A. City Attorney is fuming because she paid off the victims to avoid further charges.

Bynes was involved in two separate hit-and-run incidents in 2012. In both cases, she plowed into the side of passenger occupied vehicles before fleeing the scene of both accidents.

After agreeing to pay an undisclosed amount of money to both victims she hit, Amanda was back in court this week to convince a judge that criminal charges should be dropped. The judge agreed with Bynes’ attorney and dropped all charges against Amanda.

The L.A. City Attorney’s office strongly objected to dropping the case, largely in part because Bynes is already facing a pending DUI case from April 2012. In the DUI case, Byne was not only drunk; she plowed into the side of a police officer’s car before being arrested.

Bynes will next appear in front of a judge next month when she faces her DUI charge. It is unlikely charges in the DUI case will be dismissed given Byne’s ability to drive so drunk that she destroyed a police car that was carrying an officer at the time of the incident.

Even if Amanda Bynes is charged with the full extend her of April DUI, we have learned all too well from the Lindsay Lohan proceedings that over crowding in L.A. Prisons often lead to less than a day spent behind bars.

Do you think Amanda Bynes needs to do some jail time in order to sort out her life?