'Alaskan Bush People': Is Amy's Cancer Fake? Fans Question Details That Do Not Add Up

Alaskan Bush People has faced a lot of issues in terms of legitimacy. The series has reached Season 7, and until now, many still claim and believe that the show is fake. How about the family's matriarch, Ami Brown, having cancer?

Ami, 53, has been diagnosed with stage 3B lung cancer, which has been confirmed on the Alaskan Bush People episode. However, some viewers wonder why there were no doctors featured on the show to confirm that Ami indeed has late-stage cancer. Instead, in the most recent episode of the show, executive producer Sheila McCormack was the one who explained the treatment plan for Ami.

Furthermore, after receiving the results of Ami's medical testing, the family has decided to shut down Browntown. This is so that Ami will be near the hospital for her medical needs. Followers of the show questioned why the Brown family would have to put down their home in the Alaskan wilderness if they really lived there. The argument is that they can always come back there even if Ami is receiving treatment elsewhere, so why clean up?

Some commenters on the official Facebook page of Alaskan Bush People have claimed that they have personally met the family in Alaska, and they are not really living the way they do in the show. Instead, there are claims that Browntown is leased to Discovery Channel, and the family actually lives in a hotel in Hoonah after they finish filming in the bush. One commenter even said that the move to Colorado is nothing new because they actually lived there. Commenter Becky Hunnicutt wrote the following.

"Some of us have been saying since 2014 that they lived there! While some fans would cry for proof, and say we were spreading rumor...... Oh look, even they are finally mentioning Colorado. What a shocker!"
Commenter Bonnie Welch added more.
"I met them all when they were at my daughters dental office. Nice people but putting on the act. Anyone who thinks that Brown Town and that is the way they live is out of touch with reality. Seriously stop watching so much tv."
Other reasons that people suspect if Alaskan Bush People is real, per TVOverMind, include the claims that the show's storyline is based on the book Billy wrote and published in 2007, One Wave at a Time. It is believed that Billy intentionally moved to Alaska with his family to sell the book and recreate the lifestyle he wrote in the novel for the show.


Some of the arguments and "proofs" that the Alaskan Bush People show is fake are believable, but in terms of Ami's cancer, people have pointed that it would be too much if that is also fake. Cancer, radiation treatment, and chemotherapy are bad enough whoever experiences them. It would be totally out of the line for the show to stage cancer for Ami and to portray her as dying just to pull up ratings. Will the network go to that point and will the family consent? Viewers might find out as the show goes on. For now, you'll be the judge. As commenter Cheryl Dupre Rabee said in the following post.

"This poor lady is suffering.. Cancer is horrible enough and so are the radiation treatments and chemo without all the people judging the Browns. Ami probably won't make it.. We should be praying for her and her family whatever the outcome is."

Meanwhile, Alaskan Bush People Exposed on Facebook said the show is wrapping up filming for Season 7, and the focus would now be on Ami's treatment.

Alaskan Bush People airs every Wednesday at 9 p.m. on Discovery.


[Featured Image by Discovery Channel]