Little People, Big World Update: Matt Roloff Writes A Children’s Book!

Little People, Big World may be off the air for now, but the Roloff family members are surely keeping themselves busy with personal projects. The family’s patriarch Matt Roloff recently announced on his Facebook page that he has an exciting treat for his fans: a children’s book!

Matt has written an uplifting children’s book, entitled Little Lucy Big Race, that will teach kids about “faith, hope, and perseverance.” According to Matt, he got the inspiration to pen the story following his neck surgery more than a year ago.

“Going thru the extreme discomfort and pain and meeting other adults and kids in the hospital struggling with maintaining hope for their future (and my own)…I was inspired to write a fun, uplifting children’s book based on having faith, hope and perseverance for life after surgery and/or adversity.”

In June last year, Starcasm reported that Matt Roloff underwent a major surgery to fix a neck-and-spine problem. His ordeal was also documented in Little People, Big World. After the operation, he stayed for another 16 days at the hospital to undergo therapy. Matt’s health problems are caused by diastrophic dysplasia, a degenerative type of dwarfism.

Matt’s year-long recovery made him realize that he wanted to impart his experiences and lessons to children. He happily announced that the final manuscript is finished and is now ready for printing. In fact, LPBW fans can get their own copies in less than a month!

“The Lord willing, and the presses don’t dry up, I should have printed copies of my life dream (to write a children’s book) available in the next 20 days…It’s sure to inspire and entertain you and your children and grandchildren.”

Writing a children’s book is definitely very timely at this point in Matt’s life. In May, he officially became a grandpa with baby Jackson’s arrival. And based on his social media posts, he’s loving every second of it. By August, he will have two grandkids when Jeremy and Audrey’s baby girl is born.

This isn’t the first book that the Little People, Big World patriarch has authored. In 1999, Matt published Against Tall Odds: Being a David in a Goliath World. In 2007, he released Little Family, Big Values: Lessons in Love, Respect, and Understanding for Families of Any Size. Aside from writing, Matt is also a motivational speaker. In his speeches, he inspires his audiences to overcome difficulties and hardships in life.

Interestingly, Matt may have passed down his penchant for writing to his sons. Jeremy Roloff keeps a marriage counseling blog with his wife Audrey. The couple also released a marriage journal entitled Navigator’s Council. Meanwhile, Matt’s youngest son, 20-year-old Jacob, has recently self-published Verbing, a collection of reflective short essays.

The Roloff family returns to television for a brand new season of Little People, Big World later this year.

[Featured Image by Matt Roloff/Facebook]