Preston Roberts From ‘Mountain Men’ Loses His Battle With Cancer

Eustace Conway posted to his Facebook page that due to complications from an inoperable liver tumor, Preston Roberts died at 3:30 p.m. ET on Monday, July 24, 2017. Preston has been Eustace’s right-hand man and friend for several years as they worked together on Turtle Preserve Island, which is located in Triplett, North Carolina.

Roberts and Conway built the preserve on a 1,000-acre site, and it has been a vibrant, working outdoor education camp for about 30 years. Currently, Girls Camp is in session at Turtle Island, and Eustace asked that everyone “please be sensitive to that fact while we all work through this painful transition.”

“In the wake of this unexpected tragedy, hundreds of bereaved among his Turtle Island family will gather soon to celebrate the legacy of a life lost too soon. The loss and sadness we feel is indescribable.”

Preston was surrounded by family and friends when he passed, and Eustace added that a crowd-funding page is being set up to assist with medical expenses, memorial services, and to finish the roof repairs to the family home that Preston was working on. Fans have been commenting on the post, sending their condolences to all those involved.


According to Preston’s website, he was born in 1957 and lived in Brevard, North Carolina, as a boy. In 1975, he met and married Kathleen DuPont McGuire, and they were married for over 40 years. They raised three sons and lived for over 30 years in an old church near Stone Mountain State Park in North Carolina. The family also owns 90 acres next to Turtle Island.

He wrote that he met Eustace in 1982 while they were completing their formal education and that they became close friends. Preston received his degree in Art Education at Appalachian State University, and taught in the Wilkes County School System for 25 years. He was also elected “Teacher of the Year” twice by his peers. Fans of the show are well aware of how intelligent Preston was, he often came up with some amazing ideas in his affable, laid-back style.

Are you a fan of the show? Leave your thoughts, opinions, and condolences below. This story will be updated as more information becomes available. Mountain Men currently airs on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET on the History Channel.

UPDATE: This information comes from Eustace Conway’s Facebook page. “Turtle Island Preserve is hosting a memorial service at 3PM on Saturday July 29, 2017, to celebrate the life of Preston Roberts. There is very limited parking, carpooling and 4WD is strongly encouraged. Please do NOT arrive before 2pm. Attire is anything you’re comfortable in, given the outdoor setting (rain jackets are recommended). If you have printed photos to share, there will be a display board available.” The post goes on to ask that everyone planning on attending RSVP by sending an email to: In lieu of flowers and cards, donations can be made at the GoFundMe page for Preston Roberts. Even though the initial goal has now been met, continued donations can be made in order to assist the family as they work to recover from their loss.

[Featured Image by History Channel]