‘Alaskan Bush People’ Update: Ami Brown Needs More Care, As Filming Is Reportedly Nearing Completion

Filming for Alaskan Bush People is reportedly nearing completion, as the Discovery Channel documentary series recently tried to air scenes in real time following the revelation of Ami Brown’s illness. Now that the Brown family can be spared some time away from the cameras, the focus now would be for the family to give more care and attention to Ami.

The latest Alaskan Bush People update reveals that Ami Brown is needing more care and attention after being diagnosed with lung cancer. The latest episode of the show revealed the treatment options being offered to Ami wherein Billy told the cameras that he, along with the rest of the Brown family, are going through what could be the hardest obstacle they have ever faced in their entire lives.

The treatment options being given to Ami were very intensive and many fans are offering their prayers and well wishes to the entire family. The Facebook page, Alaskan Bush People exposed, also revealed that filming for ABP is nearing completion, with only a couple of interviews left to film, leaving the Brown family with a lot of time to focus on Ami and give her the care and attention that she needs.

Many fans were quite disappointed with the recent episodes being aired on Alaskan Bush People, as majority of the scenes were rehashed from earlier episodes even when viewers were wanting to hear more updates on Ami’s condition. Some fans resort to updates on social media, with the latest one showing Ami with a subtle smile on her face next to the entire family.

Indeed, Ami would need a lot of care and support from her family, as her diagnosis would require her to undergo radiation five days a week for six weeks, according to PEOPLE. Alaskan Bush People executive producer Sheila McCormack was the one to deliver the news on Ami’s treatment options to the family.

The Brown family got quite emotional during the episode of Alaskan Bush People. Ami’s son, Bam Bam, said that what they’re going through right now is nothing in comparison to getting a house burned down or getting stitches. Billy also asked the producers of the Discovery Channel drama to give them some time away from the cameras, as they try to absorb the news on Ami’s condition.

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[Featured Image by Discovery Channel]