Javi Marroquin Gets Slammed On Instagram For Posing With Baby Animals

Javi Marroquin recently went on a vacation with his new girlfriend, Lauren Comeau, and it’s already generated some serious controversy. Although his ex-wife, Kailyn Lowry was apparently bitter about the vacation, making remarks on her Twitter that it reminded her of the time they went on vacation to the same spot, that wasn’t where most of the controversy lied.

Instead, Instagram users were having a field day over the fact that Javi Marroquin and Lauren were posing with captive, and potentially drugged, baby animals. The pair were all smiles as they fed a baby Tiger, which Javi posted to his Instagram. He also posted pictures of the couple with various other wild animals on his Snapchat.

Several fans and followers of Javi Marroquin chimed in with their opinions, saying that the couple should not have posed with the captive animals. Many stated that the animals were taken from their natural habitat and were now living in unnatural environments while humans pet them and held them. In addition, they claimed that Javi was participating in “the industry” that allowed animals to be exploited in such a manner and several Instagram users got into fights in the comments about whether or not what Javi and Lauren did on their vacation was acceptable.


Other users questioned Javi Marroquin’s motives for saying that he wanted to keep his relationship with Lauren private, but is posting pictures of the pair on his Instagram, which has over 1.3 million followers.

Since his divorce from ex-wife, Kailyn Lowry, Javi has had a history of getting into relationships and abandoning them after just a couple of weeks. Even if this relationship with Lauren lasts more than a month, she has already made the decision that she doesn’t want to be filmed for Teen Mom 2.

Javi Marroquin met his new girlfriend, Lauren Comeau, at a wedding where she was the maid of honor. The pair had been chatting online for a while before they met in person and according to Javi, they really hit it off. Although the relationship is still in its early stages, Javi feels as though the relationship is definitely “right.”


[Featured Image by Javi Marroquin/Instagram]