‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Did Power Of Veto Get Used, Shocking Eviction Ceremony For ‘BB19’ Cast Coming?

Big Brother 19 spoilers from Monday (July 24) include what took place during the Veto Ceremony. The BB19 cast had a lot of drama over the weekend, including Jessica Graf winning the Veto Competition, giving her complete power over the entire game. This was all revealed on the CBS live feeds, but so was a lot of information about what Jessica and Cody Nickson plan to do over the next week.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jessica is going to use a “heavy hand” with her temptation power, basically blackmailing other houseguests into doing what she requests for the next few weeks. The Halting Hex allows her to cancel an Eviction Ceremony, which could spell doom for the plans of the Head of Household next week. It does afford Jessica and Cody a lot of safety for as long as she continues to hold it.

Now the latest Big Brother 19 spoilers add even more power to the bag of tricks that Jessica Grav possesses. Not only did Jessica win the Week 4 Veto Competition, but she then started discussing plans to shake things up at the Veto Ceremony. The alternative plan didn’t end up happening, though, as Jessica and Cody decided that it was best to simply get Josh Martinez out of the BB19 house as quickly as possible.

This is where a lot of Big Brother 19 rumors are floating around the house. Paul Abrahamian is working on a sneaky plan to make sure that Josh Martinez stays in the game. This could mean that Ramses Soto is the next houseguest to leave the BB19 cast and that he may never see it coming. It’s a very tricky situation, though, as Jessica could simply use her Halting Hex if she figures out what is going on behind the scenes. Would she waste it in that fashion though?

Currently, Paul does have the numbers to make sure that Josh stays in the house, which could lead to a very shocking Eviction Ceremony on Thursday night (July 27). Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf are sure that it is Josh leaving and they feel that it is about to be a unanimous vote. A report by fan site Joker’s Updates has Christmas Abbott getting told that very information from Jessica herself, who has become convinced that the house is siding with her to get Josh out. They aren’t.

There is the potential for a lot of drama in the next few days, especially with so much time between the Veto Ceremony and the Eviction Ceremony. Can the rest of the BB19 cast keep it a secret that Josh Martinez is going to be saved at the expense of Ramses Soto? Will Josh let it slip if Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf continue to be rude to him in the house? The potential exists for even more interesting Big Brother 19 spoilers to come out in the next few days, but it certainly looks like Jessica is about to waste her HOH.

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