Another Former TNA Champion Suddenly Leaves Global Force Wrestling After They Change Their Agreement

Global Force Wrestling doesn't appear to be off to the best start since taking over as the primary promotion and pushing TNA Impact Wrestling out of existence. As if they didn't have enough issues with their current world champion in Alberto El Patron, they have now lost two former champions in the course of a week. First, Magnus left the company and now, Matt Morgan has parted ways with GFW and it is all due to them changing their agreement with him.

Back in February, Matt Morgan hopped on his social media accounts to tease that he would be returning to wrestling, but he wouldn't say with which promotion. Eventually, he made his comeback with TNA Impact Wrestling which would end up becoming GFW.

The two-time TNA Tag Team Champion returned in early April, but he's already done with the company less than four months later.= with very few appearances under his belt.

According to Wrestling Inc., Morgan has requested his release from Global Force Wrestling, and it all has to do with how they're handling his agreement with them. Apparently, things aren't quite working out the way they had originally said they would, and he wants out of the deal that doesn't even exist any longer.

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Morgan told the Wrestling Inc. Podcast that things simply haven't worked out how he thought they would with GFW.

"Here's the deal. I made an agreement to wrestle with them on weekends, right? Where I didn't have to leave my 9-5 job, anything like that. And unfortunately it just didn't work out because they switched it and they started taping on week days and they're looking to travel.

"So when I first talking to Jeff [Jarrett] about this, the idea was you know, you guys are 20 minutes from my house, you guys are there on the weekends. As long as you guys are there on the weekends I can do this."

The loss of Morgan is far from the only departure that is huge for Global Force Wrestling. As reported by Cageside Seats, former TNA and GFW World Champion Magnus (Nick Aldis) just left in the last week after turning down a new offer from GFW.

global force wrestling wwe gfw matt morgan tna magnus
[Image by TNA Impact Wrestling]

Magnus was originally working with TNA on a handshake deal to help "protect the lineage of the GFW Title" and pass it onto Alberto El Patron. Upon being offered a new deal, he likely turned it down due to the company wanting 10 percent of any money that the wrestler made on independent bookings. GFW also wanted 100 percent of all money from merchandise sold with their likeness.

Those kind of contractual demands are exactly the sort of things that plagued TNA when Dixie Carter was in charge.

The loss of Magnus was already a big problem and having to suspend current world champion Alberto El Patron was even bigger for Global Force Wrestling. Now, having Matt Morgan walk due to some of the same contractual issues that plagued TNA, and this is not a good start for Jeff Jarrett's promotion. It will be interesting to see just how many how other superstars realize that they just can't live with the demands in their contracts.

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