Microsoft Surface Phone Will Challenge iPhone 8 And Galaxy Note 8

Microsoft Surface Phone and iPhone 8

Microsoft’s Surface Phone has pretty much been a myth based on some strong rumors for the past year. There was especially a lot of excitement when a couple of months back, Tech Times reported that the mysterious phone would indeed be announced at a Microsoft event on May 23.

“Will the long rumored Microsoft Surface Phone finally be announced soon? It would seem like it, according to subtle hints provided by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.”

Unfortunately (or fortunately for fans of Microsoft’s laptop/tablet hybrid), the new Surface Pro, rather than the Surface Phone, was announced. However, some new information verifying the existence of a Surface Phone revealed today has excited smartphone lovers.

“Even though Microsoft has reported a fall in Surface PC line and Windows phones revenues, the Redmond-based tech giant is aiming for new devices called “Surface Phones” and has made its patent public,” claims an article on the usually reliable Economic Times, which notes that a new patent has been filed on the upcoming phone.

Although the device is just titled “Wireless Communications Device,” the patent describes a bendable smartphone with an antenna, battery, SIM card holders, and screen connectors split on a hinge that creates a dual-screened device. Many are assuming that this is the new Surface Phone, especially since the patent describes some earlier rumors of the phone.

According to most rumors, the Surface Phone is likely to run Microsoft’s mobile ARM processor, which Microsoft just demonstrated running desktop apps on. This will make using apps such as Photoshop painfully slow, but it’s doubtful that anyone will be purchasing a Surface Phone to use specifically as a photo editing device.

In any case, Twitter has brightened up with excitement over the new Surface Phone.

There has been no date set yet for the Surface Phone, but many believe it will be available during the fourth quarter of 2017. Microsoft will certainly have a lot of competition. Around the same time, the much-hyped iPhone 8 will hit the market.

iPhone 8 will challenge Surface Phone

As MacRumors notes, at least one version of the device will have a 5.8-inch edge-to-edge OLED screen with an increased pixel resolution, an advanced A11 processor, and a glass body. There allegedly won’t even be a need for a physical home button, and there are strong rumors that Apple has perfected facial recognition so much that there will be no need for Touch ID. And finally, Apple is set to add wireless charging capabilities to the iPhone—something Samsung has done with its phones since 2014.

Speaking the Galaxy Note 8, Tom’s Guide reports that Samsung’s large device will likely be worth the wait. The large smartphone is said to have a 6.3-inch Super AMOLED screen that could have a 4K resolution, which would be great for using it in the Gear VR. However, a 4K screen could also eat up a lot of battery life.

The Note 8 will likely also have a whopping 6GB of RAM, a dual 13MP camera with 3X optical zoom, and an advanced Snapdragon processor. It will look very much like the Samsung Galaxy S8+, which isn’t a bad thing according to most.

Based on all the rumors, which smartphone are you looking forward to the most? Is it the Microsoft Surface Phone, the iPhone 8, or the Galaxy Note 8? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

[Featured Image by David Ramos/Getty Images]