Chainsaw Attacker Lives In Swiss Woods: Eerie Suspect Chats Up Woman Walking Dogs

Swiss chainsaw attacker chatted up woman walking her dog

A bizarre crime has taken place, and police are combing the deep woods for the suspect who went into an insurance company with a chainsaw in tow and attacked the unsuspecting workers. The man wounded five people inside the CSS Insurance Company in the small Swiss city of Schaffhausen. Residents there are on high alert and in fear of this man, who is said to be someone who lists no fixed address for his home.

Franz Wrousis has been identified as the man who went after people with a chainsaw in an unprovoked attack on people who are seemingly strangers to the man. Two of the five people he wounded in this chainsaw attack were left in serious condition. Police describe Wrousis as “aggressive and unstable,” according to the Washington Post.

The 51-year-old man has had two previous convictions for “contraventions of weapons” laws; those convictions occurred in 2014 and 2016. Wrousis is said to be six feet, two inches tall and bald, and his appearance is described as “unkempt” by police. His picture is seen in the Twitter posting below.

Wrousis is believed to be living in the woods near the Swiss city of Schaffhausen, and a woman who lives in this area has come upon this man several times while walking her dogs in the area. Unbeknownst to her at the time, this was a very dangerous man. She said she never got that feeling from talking with the man. He wasn’t unpleasant, and she didn’t fear him at all when she happened upon him.

She recognized him from a picture posted online of the man. One time she came upon the man while he was eating breakfast, and the two struck up a conversation.

The woman, Therese Karrer, said, “he may have been a little strange, but he wasn’t unfriendly — I never felt threatened.”

Little did she know at the time that the man was considered very dangerous.

According to CNN, Wrousis is a Swiss national who lives in a forest. Police do not believe this chainsaw attack was terrorist-related, but the man is still at large and considered very dangerous. Authorities have warned the public that the man is still not in custody. The manhunt for Wrousis is still underway.

A spokesperson for the insurance agency where the suspect attacked employees with a chainsaw did say that Wrousis has a health insurance policy with their company.

The spokesperson said, “The suspect targeted our company, he wanted to harm our employees. But we cannot say exactly what the motive was. All we know is he wanted to harm our employees.”

Concerns that this man will embark on another attack at one of the insurance company’s other locations weighs heavily on the people who work there. Security guards are now stationed at the company’s several locations.

[Featured Image by AS-kom/Shutterstock]