Tamra Judge Slammed For Controversial Picture Of Granddaughter

Tamra Judge is often talking about her healthy lifestyle, her fitness business and her marriage to Eddie Judge. She’s also talking about her Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars and her role as a grandmother. Tamra spends a lot of time with little Ava, and she’s truly excited about her granddaughter. While Ryan and Sarah may not say anything about Tamra’s decision to post things about her granddaughter, her Real Housewives of Orange County fans have been quick to share their thoughts and feelings about her recent posts.

According to a new Instagram post, Tamra Judge is now facing some criticism for writing about her granddaughter’s bum and sharing a picture of her bare behind. While the caption for the photo was supposed to be funny and hilarious, Tamra quickly learned that she had rattled a few people. Of course, Judge doesn’t have to say much to rattle people or upset her followers, but people are a bit more aggressive when it involves a little girl. Over the weekend, Tamra went to the beach with Ava, and she shared a post of the little girl, revealing that Ava had inherited her grandmother’s booty. While it is a hilarious post, some people thought it was a bit inappropriate.

Yep she got her Tam-ma's Booty #AVA #beachbody

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Of course, Tamra Judge works out regularly, and she may have a fit booty thanks to her dedication to look and feel great. However, Ava is a little girl, and she may not have asked to be on Instagram. People had plenty of opinions about the post, even people who are die-hard fans of Tamra.

Several people revealed that the post was completely inappropriate because it showed off some skin. Others felt that Judge should have been a bit more cautious when posting such things. She should have questioned whether this was indeed the right thing to post.

“Inappropriate, like I get the intention is innocent but how stupid can you get like your conscious totally hit you before you posted this, but you still did it anyway,” one person wrote to Tamra, while another added, “As innocent and adorable this pic is, and ordinarily I’d say we shouldn’t take innocent things and see them negative- I couldn’t do this.”

Several people did come to Tamra’s defense, asking people to calm down. They wanted this beautiful moment to remain that way and not be turned into something negative. It is clearly an innocent post, even though some people are offended by it.

What do you think of Tamra Judge’s post of her granddaughter’s bare bottom? Do you think it is inappropriate or do you think people are overreacting?

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]