Nintendo SNES Classic Edition Walmart Pre-Orders Canceled, 40-Minute Super Nintendo Sell-Out

It seems Walmart had inadvertently published to their page the Super Nintendo Classic Edition mini-console. A Walmart customer service representative claimed it was an accident, and the company then canceled some of the customers’ pre-orders. Chances are, SNES Classic fans were likely not happy. The page was published quite suddenly, and whatever stock they did have sold out within 40 minutes, according to Game Rant.

“The orders that were already placed will be cancelled.”

However, there has been a mixture of those who had their orders canceled and those who had processed orders. That said, knowing a friend of yours will get their SNES Classic console and you won’t could lead to some frustration.

Walmart has some methods when it comes to justifying their cancellations. For one, if a customer is a new subscriber and is unverified, their orders will be canceled. This is to help subdue Super Nintendo Classic scalpers. Also, those who made their purchases via credit card and didn’t have the $80 available would also have their orders canceled.

If your pre-order is still showing up as such, there could be a possibility that they haven’t gotten around to canceling it yet. No official statement from Walmart has been made on this issue.

However, according to Polygon, a Twitter by Walmart’s Help center said, “We are so sorry! The SNES Classics were released to soon.”

The SNES Classic mini-console is following a trend of retro-gaming. The regular Nintendo Classic flew off the shelves and sold out in a very brief period of time. Scalpers were reselling them on eBay at extravagant prices as well.


This situation seems representative of things to come when pre-orders are taken in the future. Nintendo’s first retro console had a huge demand, and although Nintendo stated they’d make more than the predecessor, there’s still a concern it won’t be enough.


Chatter on the Nintendo Reddit site indicated many customers had their orders canceled, citing proof via email that the cancellation had been processed. Some messages customers had received mentioned that their orders could not be “verified.”


Do you feel the SNES Classic Edition Walmart pre-orders should have been canceled?

[Featured Image by Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images]