Prince William To Be King Over Charles? William And Kate Reportedly Practicing ‘Trial Coronation’

Prince William is not the first in line to the throne, but he might become king sooner than we think. Yahoo reports that Queen Elizabeth II would like nothing more than William and Kate Middleton to move into the position once she decides to call it quits. Will Prince William be king instead of Charles?

The Queen is so determined to see William on the throne that she allegedly threw a fancy state dinner as a trial run for his coronation. The event, which welcomed the monarchs of Spain to the country, was a lot more lavish than usual. In fact, all the members of the royal family, including the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Cambridge, wore their best garments for the evening.

“Her Majesty realizes that William and Kate are the future and she is happy for them to take on major roles now so that they are ready to take over when required,” a source revealed.

The reports about Prince William’s future on the throne are probably not sitting well with Prince Charles. Charles is first in line to the throne once his mother retires from the position. It is very unlikely that Charles will get skipped. After all, he has full rights to the throne and tradition dictates that he should take over.

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While we wait to see what happens between William and Charles, Express reports that a new drama on BBC explores a fictional struggle for the throne after Queen Elizabeth II’s death. In the series, Charles creates a scandal after he refuses to approve a bill. The ensuing backlash affects every member of the royal family, including William, who eventually takes the throne after Charles abdicates.

But what are the chances of this happening in real life?

For starters, Charles is 68-years-old, which makes him the oldest heir in the history of the UK. He would also be the oldest man to become king if he takes the throne after Queen Elizabeth II. There are also a few controversies in his past that might weaken his chances to be king. This includes his divorce from Princess Diana and his affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles.


In contrast to Charles, William enjoys more support from the public in the UK. In fact, Standard reports that William and Kate received an incredible welcome from fans during their trip to Gdansk’s medieval market. Whether the public support is enough to make Prince William king is yet to be seen.

Tell us! Do you think that Prince William could be crowned as the next king of England? Let us know in the comments below.

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