’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?’ Recap: Danielle Stalks Mohamed, Anfisa Wants More Plastic Surgery

Last night’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 2 was a continuation of the crazy–but admittedly, entertaining—drama between our five cross-cultural couples. Danielle is gearing up for her big day: the court hearing for her annulment case against Mohamed. Anfisa kicks Jorge out of their apartment. Pao learns a shocking and disappointing truth about her agent. Chantel’s family meets Pedro’s family, and Loren tries to bring Alexei’s family to America. Read on for our full recap below!

Danielle & Mohamed

The fiercer and bolder Danielle is pushing forward with her annulment case against Mohamed. However, Danielle’s relatives are worried that her new persona is just a fragile façade. They think that deep down, Danielle is still the same woman who fell in love with Mohamed and who will easily fall again into his clutches.

But Danielle seems to be determined. Her first step, shopping! She looks for an outfit that will make her look the serious and credible woman that she claims to be.

Meanwhile, Mohamed sits down with his new girl Diamond. Diamond tells him how Danielle is harassing her over the internet. Apparently, Danielle has been sending her Facebook messages nonstop, threatening her to stay away from Mohamed. Mohamed admits that Danielle does have a crazy side.

“When Danielle starts texting somebody, she goes nonstop. She can send you a hundred messages in a couple of minutes—that’s normal for her.”


Diamond thinks Danielle may be “obsessed” with Mohamed. Embarrassed, Mohamed is now more determined to go to court, face Danielle, and close that chapter of his life.

“I just want to finish with Danielle because I feel like I made a big mistake. It’s the biggest mistake I did in my life.”

Pao & Russ

In Miami, Pao and Russ go to Pao’s modeling agent and complain why she hasn’t booked a single job in months. This is the same agent who convinced Pao to move to Miami and to color her hair blonde. However, it appears that Pao’s drastic makeover didn’t help much.

Pao and Russ awkwardly find out that this agent didn’t even add Pao’s profile to their online casting database. While this dismays Paola, she decides to give her agent a second chance.

Loren & Alexei

Last week, Loren had to tearfully confess to her mother-in-law that her Tourette’s Syndrome could be passed to her future children. While it obviously upset Alexei’s mom, she told Loren that it shouldn’t be an issue. Now, the mother and daughter-in-law bond over grocery shopping and cooking Jewish meals.

Loren wants to bring Alexei’s whole family to the U.S. and makes an appointment with an immigration lawyer. Bringing Alexei’s parents to the country is easy, the lawyer says. However, getting a working visa for Alexei’s brother may be a different story.

Chantel & Pedro


Chantel and Pedro have a “meet the parents” moment when both their families finally meet in the Dominican Republic for their second wedding. More than the exotic chicken feet dish Pedro’s family served them, Chantel is repulsed by their constant materialistic demands. She thinks of them as freeloaders.

The tension gets worse when Chantel sees Pedro’s old family home. She begins to doubt whether Pedro is indeed using her for financial reasons. Chantel decides to leave with her family.

Jorge & Anfisa

After four episodes of constant fighting, Anfisa finally kicks Jorge out of their apartment. She goes on about how she “can’t take it anymore” and how she feels so disrespected by Jorge’s lying.

Anfisa goes to lunch with her shopping buddy Miranda and tells her about her plans to get plastic surgery. The 20-year-old reality star admits to having multiple Botox injections in Russia before, and she wants to get more.

“When people start saying, ‘Oh, she did this, she did that, she’s full of plastic.’ And who isn’t nowadays?!”

But with Jorge out of her life (for now), Anfisa knows that she only has enough money to last her for a few months at best. Still, she decides to give Jorge the silent treatment until he comes back begging for her.

Meanwhile, Jorge and his sister Lourdes talk about the nasty fight she had with Anfisa over last week’s dinner. Lourdes predicts that Jorge and Anfisa will make up soon enough with Jorge bending to his wife’s whims.

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[Featured Image by Danielle Mullins Jbali/Facebook]