‘Little People, Big World’ Update: Baby Jackson Starts Talking To Grandpa Matt Roloff

Baby Jackson Roloff is just 2-months-old, but he’s surely getting cuter by the day! The Little People, Big World baby is adored by everyone in his family, especially his grandpa Matt Roloff. In a new Facebook post, Matt proudly shared a video showing Baby J’s new skill: talking to his grandpa!

The short clip shows Jackson chilling in his baby carrier with Grandpa Matt leaning down on him. Baby J is heard cooing and making sounds at Matt as if the two of them are in a serious conversation.

“Jackson just starting to talk to grandpa already…almost,” Matt wrote in the video’s caption. Indeed, it was an adorable bonding moment between the two Roloff boys.

Quite recently, Jackson has been going on more adventures with other family members. Just last week, Matt Roloff took Baby J for his first mule ride at Roloff Farms. The sweet grandfather and grandson moment was also joined by Jackson’s dad Zach and uncle Jeremy.

Jackson also joined his Aunt Audrey’s girly baby shower earlier this month, where he was dressed as a dapper little gentleman and even sported a bowtie. Naturally, the adults swooned over how cute Zach and Tori’s baby is!

Jackson Kyle Roloff, who was born on May 12, is the first grandchild of the Little People, Big World family. The reality show heavily followed Tori’s pregnancy last season, ending with Jackson’s birth for the season finale. Like Grandpa Matt, Jackson is also a little person. However, Baby J’s dwarfism is not the same as Matt’s. Instead, he inherited his Grandma Amy and Daddy Zach’s type of dwarfism, achondroplasia.

We're in trouble... #ladiesman ????????????

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Despite initial fears over his health, Jackson seems to be growing up to be a strong and healthy baby boy. Tori Roloff happily shared that at two months, Baby J is at 98 percentile for height and weighs more than 12 pounds. This means that he’s as healthy as any other baby, little or not.

Today we got to celebrate Cousin Roloff! We can't wait to meet you baby girl! ????????????

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Jackson will soon have a cousin, Jeremy and Audrey’s baby girl, who is due by the end of August. With two babies, the Roloffs certainly have fun times ahead of them. They will be returning for a brand new season of Little People, Big World in September.

[Featured Image by Matt Roloff/Facebook]