’90 Day Fiance’ Update: Paola Finally Realizes Her Modeling Agent Was A Scammer

Much to the surprise of pretty much no one, Paola’s shady agent was proven to be a straight-up scammer in the recently aired episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. When confronted by Russ and Paola about why the latter’s modeling career was not moving in any direction, the rather shady talent agent admitted that the reality TV star was not even in the company’s database. Despite this revelation, however, Paola did something unthinkable. She gave her agent one more chance.

The tense exchange between the reality TV couple and the talent agent was previewed by TLC on its official website recently. In the brief clip, which could be viewed here, it was evident that Paola’s agent was shaken and taken aback by her confrontation with Paola and Russ.

During the tense encounter, the talent agent, who advised Paola to move to Miami and to dye her hair blonde, first tried to provide several reasons why the reality TV star was not getting any modeling jobs. The agent went on her spiel once more, stating that Paola’s shots were no good and that her sexy photos were far too few. Russ, for his part, was sick of hearing the same line over and over again. In a statement to the cameras, Russ stated that Paola had already shown enough.

When continually pressed on the issue, Paola’s talent agent had no choice but to check her company’s database for the reality TV star’s profile. Unsurprisingly, Paola was nowhere to be found in the system. Despite moving to Miami, changing her hairstyle, and speaking with the reality TV star on multiple occasions, the agent did not even register Paola as a talent in the company’s website.

This was not the real kicker in the entire encounter, however. Despite being proven that she had been scammed by her agent, Paola ultimately decided to give the shady entertainment firm another chance. That’s right. As shown in the recently released episode of 90 Day Fiance, Paola, after coming face-to-face with the fact that she had been played by her agent, decided to have a go at things one more time, with the same person who scammed her.

While the episode did not fully reveal which agency Paola supposedly signed with, many eagle-eyed fans of 90 Day Fiance have scoured the recently-released TLC preview for any clues about the name of the shady talent firm. At around 2:20 into the 2:47 clip from TLC, the name of Paola’s talent agency could be seen in the frame — Casting Networks Incorporated.

According to the Casting Networks Inc. official website, which is primarily based in L.A., the firm specializes in providing business solutions for entertainment professionals. Here is an excerpt on the company’s “About Us” page.

“By creating tools for communication, scheduling, media management, marketing, career development, and talent scouting, we are streamlining some of the most complex processes facing the industry and creating an environment that will make it easier for these professionals to find work and get their jobs done.”

While Casting Networks Incorporated’s website does look very legitimate, the company’s Yelp reviews are well below average, with the company having multiple complaints from clients who have found themselves on a similar boat as Paola. One of the company’s former clients even took the firm to court after alleging that he was scammed by Casting Networks Inc.

“They finally did come to court, and they did finally stop playing games and we settled but I just wished it had been more. However, I will keep on asking the government to do something about Casting Networks. I am about to start a petition and get the government to do something about them.”

Paola and Russ Mayfield are featured in the current season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, which airs every Sunday night on TLC.

[Featured Image by TLC]