‘Fifty Shades Freed’: Jamie Dornan And Dakota Johnson’s Friendship Affected By Romance Rumors?

Despite their continuous denial, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson just can’t seem to shake off romance rumors. The pair has been heavily linked to each other after their amazing portrayal of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades franchise.

Dealing with the romance rumors over and over again, it seems that Dakota Johnson just finally gave in to what all the shippers wanted to hear. Melanie Griffith’s daughter addressed the issue once again and gave a response that made a lot of jaws drop.

Instead of denying that something romantic is going on between her and Jamie Dornan, the 27-year-old actress sarcastically said that she and her very-married Fifty Shades Freed co-star are “having an affair.”

“We hate each other, and we’re having an affair, so everybody’s right. How about that?”

The How to Be Single star already noted before that she and the 35-year-old Irish actor were good pals even before they took their iconic Fifty Shades roles. However, fans were convinced that the duo had already taken their on-screen romance to off-screen despite Jamie Dornan’s four-year marriage to Amelia Warner.

With Fifty Shades being one of the most successful films to date, it is quite understandable that people started to gain interest about the lead cast of the erotic novel-turned-movie. As Dakota Johnson probably felt that she can’t beat these whispers and speculations, she opted to play along instead.

Although being linked to each other could affect Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan’s friendship, the co-stars are not taking these things seriously and maintain a close relationship. In fact, the pair had nothing but good things to say about each other when asked in interviews.

Dakota Johnson Jamie Dornan keeps a tight bond.
Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan maintains a good friendship despite all the romance rumors surrounding them. [Image by Shutterstock]

Meanwhile, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan may finally break free from all the romance rumors as they are both currently working on separate projects.

The actress landed a role in the upcoming film The Peanut Butter Falcon alongside Shia LaBeouf. Jamie Dornan, on the other hand, is tackling a brand new role in My Dinner with Hervé.

Jamie Dornan Dakota Johnson are working on separate projects.
Jamie Dornan Dakota Johnson take a time off from each other. [Image by Shutterstock]

The husband of Amelia Warner left his hunky billionaire character in the Fifty Shades franchise to play a struggling journalist named Danny Tate. My Dinner with Hervé is based on the real life story of Hervé Villechaize, who is portrayed by Game of Thrones star, Peter Dinklage.

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