‘Bringing Up Bates’ News: Erin Paine’s Daughter Has To Have Surgery

Erin Bates Paine is dealing with a tough time this week as her little girl had to go to the hospital and ended up having surgery. Fans of the show Bringing Up Bates are sending out prayers to her. Erin actually went to her Instagram to share what is going on with fans. She is thanking everyone for the prayers for her daughter. It turns out that Brooklyn had surgery this weekend after her finger started swelling on Friday night, and they had no idea why it was happening. Of course, this made the parents really nervous.

Erin explained that Brooklyn was also running a fever. They ran a lot of tests and also gave her antibiotics, but this didn’t fix the problem with her little girl. They still had no answer to why it was happening. This morning, the doctors performed surgery on her finger to release the pressure. Right now, they are waiting on lab results and still don’t know the details about what is wrong with their little girl. She shared that this has been really hard on them not knowing what is wrong and seeing their little girl suffer and have to go through a surgery.

Hopefully, Erin Bates Paine will continue to give the fans updates on what is going on with her daughter, and they will be able to get answers. As of right now, they still don’t know what is going on with her, so they are probably still at the hospital trying to get answers. As you can see below, her little girl is almost 1-year-old. Erin and Chad have two children together. They could very possibly end up with a big family just like her parents have now.


Fans of the Bates are sending out prayers for Erin and Chad Paine along with their little girl. They should give some updates to the fans, and it could also end up airing on an upcoming episode of Bringing Up Bates. The new episodes of Bringing Up Bates air on Thursday nights on UP. The shows that they are airing now are a bit behind, so you won’t be seeing what is going on with Brooklyn right away if they do air it.


Update: Chad Paine just shared a new update on Brooklyn.

[Featured Image by Erin Paine/Instagram]