Nicki Minaj Joins Snapchat, Keeps Getting Calls From Fans – Posts Instagram Video Of Madness

Nicki Minaj is having a heck of a time learning Snapchat. And Nicki is not alone. Some fans are commiserating with Minaj, explaining that they, too, had a hard time learning Snapchat. Other fans are calling Nicki by the boatload, as seen in the below video from Nicki’s Instagram account. The video from Minaj’s Instagram account shows Nicki’s Snapchat notifications, and features Minaj begging her fans to stop calling her, just so that Nicki could access her settings in order to switch them to private and make the notifications stop popping up every second from Snapchat.

Nicki replied to one of the messages with love and emojis. Another message she read aloud spoke of Nicki not answering the woman’s messages, with the woman demanding that Minaj pay off her student loans, explaining that she’s in medical school in London. In the comments section of the Instagram video, fans are leaving Nicki all sorts of tips on how to stop the constant stream of Snapchat messages. One suggests that Nicki swipe up to access “airplane mode” while others continue to tell her to access her settings. However, Nicki states that so many messages coming through have prevented her from accessing her settings on her phone.

Warning: The below video contains language that might be offensive to some viewers.

Omgggggggg why y'all doin this to me? ???? Candice can't even help me. They gotta call Snapchat now ????

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Meanwhile, Nicki gave thanks to the following fan, who explained clearly how Minaj could upload photos from her camera roll to Snapchat.

When Nicki figured out how to upload the photo from Minaj’s camera roll to Snapchat, fans celebrated Nicki’s success.

Fan have been entertained by Nicki asking how to use Snapchat, when Minaj announced that she had joined Snapchat but admitted she didn’t know how to “post stuff.”

Nicki’s first Snapchat was a video of a beach scene, with the humorous welcome asking, “First snap who dis?”

Already there are Instagram accounts that are uploading Nicki’s Snapchat videos and photos.

Nicki also turned to her fans to ask if she should make her Snapchat public, and how to make it public. That’s when Minaj’s helpers began to give input on how to avoid Snapchat spam and too many messages.

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