ISIS Terrorists Dress Up As Women To Evade Capture But One Detail Gave Them Away

Iraqi soldiers apprehends a possible ISIS militant trying to flee Mosul.

ISIS terrorists will do anything to avoid getting caught and continue their wave of terror even if it means dressing up as women complete with wigs, makeup, and padded bras.

While disguising oneself by being dressed up in women’s clothes often works in movies, it may take a little more effort to get away with it in real life. In the case of some ISIS terrorists who were apprehended recently, they could have used a shave.

The ISIS fighters were caught by Iraqi authorities while they were trying to flee Mosul, which was liberated by U.S.-backed Iraqi forces after nine months of fighting. As the photographs shared by the Iraqi army and picked up by The Sun showed, some ISIS terrorists put on powder, eyeliner, lipstick, and even a beauty spot to disguise their faces. One particular ISIS terrorist also plucked his unibrow and wore a scarf over his head. The only problem was that he refused to shave his beard off completely, which gave him away.

Another photo showed by the Iraqi army features another apprehended ISIS terrorist who did shave his beard off but put on too much makeup which likely gave his disguise away and led to his capture. As shown in a Daily Mail report, the ISIS terrorist dressed up as a woman and completed the look by wearing padded bras. His chest hairs just above the bra were, however, noticeable once he took off his veil, which he presumably was wearing when he was caught.

Another ISIS terrorist dressed up as a woman carried a blue handbag while another wore a red velvet robe. Others elected to ditch the makeup and only dressed up as a woman by wearing veils or burqas.

Some traditional Muslims consider shaving as immoral and unmanly which is why they sport long, bushy beards. When the Islamic State occupied Mosul, the terrorist group forced men to grow beards to follow their puritanical laws. Those who refused to grow beards were punished. Not everyone, however, believes that ISIS implemented such strict laws because of their beliefs. A 2015 report by The Jerusalem Post said that women were forced to wear burqas and men had to grow beards so the group’s enemies would have a hard time distinguishing militants from civilians. In other words, the ISIS terrorists used the civilians as human shields.

The latest setback for the ISIS terrorists marked a huge victory for Iraq and its supporters. The city of Mosul was placed under ISIS control in 2014 after which the terrorist group declared it as the capital of its caliphate. Mosul was recaptured on July 10, forcing the ISIS terrorists to flee the city with many dressed up as women to evade capture.

[Featured Image by Martyn Aim/Getty Images]