Beyonce And Michelle Obama Party Together For Singer’s Birthday — Video Leaked Online

A video of Beyonce and Michelle Obama partying at the singer’s exclusive birthday party was leaked online. The never-before-seen footage features the former first lady and the Lemonade superstar laughing saying “Bye Felisha.”

Beyonce And Michelle Celebrate

Beyonce had a private party back in September to celebrate her 35th birthday. A video was published recently featuring Beyonce and Michelle Obama, along with the singer’s sister, Solange, and her nephew, Julez.

The two videos were first posted to Beyonce’s fan Twitter account, The Beyhive, according to Daily Mail.

The first video showed the Lemonade musician and Barack Obama’s wife saying, “Bye Felisha!” to what appeared to be a cell phone camera.

Solange and Beyonce were wearing party glasses and waved to the camera.

In the second video, Beyonce was seen smiling and watching her 5-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, dance.

The little girl hit some popular moves like the “Milly Rock” while dancing to the viral song, “Just Do It.”

Beyonce’s husband, Jay Z, can be heard rooting for his daughter in the background.

Blue Ivy’s grandmother and the singer’s mom, Tina Knowles-Lawson, recently posted a video of the girl freestyling on Instagram.

Shortly after the video of Beyonce and Michelle Obama was leaked online, the Beyhive account tweeted to confirm that the video was from the “Sorry” singer’s birthday party last year.

Other celebrity guests included Usher and Alicia Keys, Radar Online reported.

Friends For Years

Michelle Obama and Beyonce have been friends for some time now. The two ladies are both advocating feminists who have joined forces to have fun, but also to promote powerful initiatives.

Obama worked with Mrs. Carter back in 2010 for her “Let’s Move” effort to fight child obesity.

The Lemonade star also performed at the former President Barack Obama’s inaugural ball in 2009.

In 2014, the celebrity couple attended a party that Obama threw for Michelle’s 50th birthday.

beyonce and michelle obama party together in video leaked from birthday
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Just last year, Beyonce and her husband, Jay Z, joined several other celebrities to celebrate the former president’s final birthday in the White House in August.

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