Chester Bennington Facetime With Friends Days Before Suicide Showed No Signs Of Trouble, Sources Say

A few days before his shocking suicide, Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington reportedly had a Facetime session with friends and showed no signs of trouble.

U.S. radio host Matt Pinfield, a close friend of Bennington, stepped out recently and spoke with Variety about his last encounter with the rock star. According to Pinfield, the 41-year-old vocalist sent him a message three days before taking his own life.

Apparently, the radio veteran received a text from Chester asking to get together. However, that day never came. Matt recalled how devastated he was upon hearing the news that his good friend committed suicide.

The 2 Hours with Matt Pinfield host admitted that he still finds it hard to believe that Chester would do something like that, especially since he showed no signs of struggles both mentally and emotionally.

Pinfield also noted that Bennington appeared to be his usual self during one of his Facetime sessions with friends.

“He was Facetiming with friends and seemed to be doing great. It was a shock to every single one of us.”

He claimed that the rocker has always been a “lovely, positive guy,” which makes his suicide more shocking and unexpected. The radio host added that Chester was the first to call him when he went into his addiction treatment in January.

Matt also described him as someone who cared a lot about people surrounding him.

“He cared about people, and all the success never went to his head. He was great to his fans. It is an incredible loss.”

Chester Bennington was described by his friends as a positive guy. [Image by Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images]

Despite showing no physical signs of trouble, Pinfield pointed out that Chester might have revealed clues of his struggles through his songs, especially the lyrics. He claimed that Bennington was able to confront his demons with the help of his music.

He also explained that people who have no knowledge of Chester’s situation might find nothing unusual about his songs, but a closer look will reveal its deeper meaning.

And now that Chester is gone, Matt believes that his fans will listen to the songs in a completely different way, especially with the way the vocalist died.

“You realize how real these lyrics were — when he was talking about being ‘Numb’ and ‘Crawling.’ These things are not for show. … People who suffer from depression, some tend to self-medicate, others write it in their music.”

Radio host Matt Pinfield devastated over Chester Bennington's shocking death. [Image by Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images]

The radio host, who also worked for MTV, expressed his thoughts about mental health issues, which is becoming more common to celebrities these days. Pinfield reiterated that this issue doesn’t discriminate and can affect all kinds of people. He also encouraged people suffering from it to seek help as soon as possible.

“People can find financial success at their vocation, but depression can inflame it. It doesn’t fill the hole created by depression. It is still there and it must be treated. Sometimes it can make things worse.”

[Featured Image by Rich Fury/Getty Images]