Liev Schreiber Shocks World By Bringing Son To Comic-Con Dressed As Harley Quinn

Mandy Robinson

When it comes time for Comic-Con, people dress up in costumes for the big event. Liev Schreiber actually went to the event with his children. Yahoo! shared that Liev Schreiber had his two boys with him, but he is getting a lot of mixed feelings for what one of his sons dressed up as for Comic-Con. He had two boys with him. One was dressed as a Jedi, but the other was dressed as Harley Quinn.

His son Kai, who is 8-years-old, was the one dressed as Harley Quinn. Fans are pretty upset about it, but it isn't just the fact that he was dressed as a girl. Others are upset that he was dressed as a comic character that wears such a sexy outfit. A Twitter user named "Common Gay Boy" shared that he feels like Liev Schreiber is a great dad for allowing his son to dress this way.

There are a lot of replies to this post, and one user explained that they are upset that he was dressed up in a "slutty outfit." Liev was seen walking and holding hands with his son, acting like it was no big deal. As of right now, he isn't saying a word about his thoughts on the controversy of this outfit. The fans would love to hear a statement from him and get his thoughts on what people are saying.

What do you think of Liev Schreiber letting his son dress as Harley Quinn for Comic-Con? Do you feel like this outfit was too much? It does look like they had a really good time at the event, which is what really matters. Sound off in the comments section below.