Need for Speed games are pretty popular

Hey guys, EA has sent news that it just sold its 100,000,000th Need for Speed game. And there goes the 1,000,000,001st. And the 1,000,000,002nd to that man! Etc. Yay for rampant capitalism.

100 million is good going, but what’s more impressive is that EA has averaged a game a year in the series (fifteen titles since 1994) while not letting standards drop. I’m not a huge fan of the series myself, but I find Need for Speed games are always polished, enjoyable titles.

Oh, and there was also a list of smug, self-congratulatory facts buried in the press release, so here goes:

– The figure 100 million represents almost every household in America.
– Lay out all Need for Speed boxes end-to-end, and you could cover 173,609 football fields.
– Players have driven more than 279 billion miles in the games.
– They’ve also generated more than 17 trillion vehicle customizations.

Bizarrely, EA also brags that the series has sold more copies than passenger cars in the U.S. since 1994. Did EA just compare a $50 videogame to buying a whole car?

[Via press release]