‘BB19’ Recap: Spoilers From July 23 Episode Include New HOH, Nominees For Eviction, Cody Nickson Making Waves?

The July 23 Big Brother 19 episode recap comes from Sunday night on CBS. The cast members had just finished the Battle Back Competition during the last episode, with Cody Nickson winning a spot back inside the BB19 house. The Head of Household Competition took place shortly after that, but it wasn’t shown on CBS or on the live feeds. That forced the television audience to wait a few more days to find out who had taken control of the game. This Episode 13 recap comes from a live CBS presentation on Sunday, July 23, at 8 p.m. PT/ET.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the four evicted houseguests (Cody Nickson, Jillian Parker, Dominique Cooper, and Cameron Heard) all got to take part in a special competition for a second chance this season. They participated in a Battle Back Competition, with the winner from that group moving on to face a selected competitor from the BB19 house. Paul Abrahamian got voted into the position and had he won, it would have meant that Cody got blocked from returning. Cody did win, re-joining his showmances with Jessica Graf.

Back to the July 23 Big Brother 19 episode recap, CBS viewers were shown what previously took place and then the episode opened with the immediate reactions to what happened following the Battle Back Competition. Jessica Graf was very pleased that Cody Nickson was back in the game, reuniting the showmance as they try to win the $500,000 prize. They both knew the importance of the Head of Household Competition that they would have to play in that night though.

Jessica took Cody into another room and let him know that she controlled the Halting Hex. He was pretty excited about that piece of news and the duo kissed repeatedly while continuing the conversation. Shortly after that, an endurance competition began to decide the Week 4 Head of Household. Before they went to the back yard, though, production showed viewers what Josh Martinez had to say to Jessica during the Eviction Ceremony. The image below depicts it perfectly.

The challenge involved standing on a platform and pushing a tube against a target about five feet away. Pressure had to be sustained, or the tube would fall to the ground. The last one holding their tube in place would be declared the winner and the Week 4 HOH. It was a difficult challenge, as it not only required arm strength but sustained mental awareness. Losing concentration would mean losing the challenge.

Kevin Schlehuber, Mark Jansen, and Paul Abrahamian were all terrible in the competition, with none of them lasting a full minute. Kevin only made it 17 seconds before he got eliminated. When Josh Martinez exited the competition, he decided that he was going to heckle Cody Nickson from the side. It went on for nearly the entire time, possibly giving some foreshadowing of drama to come. In the end, it was just Jessica Graf against Christmas Abbott for the Week 4 Big Brother 19 HOH.

Nearly three hours into the competition, Christmas dropped and it was Jessica who took over all the power. Not only did this guarantee Jessica safety for the week, but it also meant that Cody was going to be safe for at least another week in the BB19 house. In the first Diary Room sessions after the competition, Jessica was referring to Cody as her boyfriend, suggesting a big step has been taken in their showmance. For everyone else, though, alarm bells were going off about the upcoming Nomination Ceremony.

There was a lot of discussion between Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson about going after Paul Abrahamian with the nominations, as it would “cut the head off the snake.” They didn’t figure out a way where the votes would be in their favor but did consider Paul as an option through a backdoor Veto Ceremony. In the end, Jessica decided to go with Josh Martinez and Ramses Soto as her nominees for eviction, with Josh serving as the main target for the week.

That brings an end to the July 23 Big Brother 19 recap, but a lot of additional information has come out of the BB19 house on the live feeds. For readers that want to see more Big Brother 19 spoilers, including what took place during the Veto Competition, a previous report by the Inquisitr can be found here.

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