YouTube Fave Thomas Sanders Debuts Original Song, ‘The Things We Used To Share’

Thomas Sanders is one of YouTube’s most genuine personalities, which is why his original song about a same-sex relationship is touching hearts around the internet.

The openly gay actor and screenwriter, 28, uploaded the new tune, “The Things We Used to Share” on his official YouTube channel on Saturday afternoon. It is his first new music offering since debuting the soundtrack to his traveling Ultimate Storytime show in 2016, as noted by Tube Filler.

Speaking about the original song on his Tumblr, Thomas revealed to a follower that putting “The Things We Used to Share” together with his best “non-binary pal” Joan, the song’s lyricist, allowed him to heal from pain still held over from a former relationship.

“It felt really good to be able to share something like [this] with you all,” Thomas told one of his Fanders.

“It won’t fix the pain I’ve had, I know, but Joan was very right that I should be channeling it to create something, and I’m so grateful they pushed me and created this song for me.”

Keeping things light for the original ballad’s simple “music video,” which debuted on YouTube on July 22, Thomas is viewed sitting on the floor of his Florida apartment, on a rainy day with a ukulele in his hand and a very sad song in his heart.

thomas sanders original song
YouTube star Thomas Sanders debuted an original song, "The Things We Used to Share," on Saturday. [Image by Eugene Gologursky/Stringer/Getty Images]

“No more fireworks, no more compass,” a crooning Thomas expresses in one of the song’s verses.

“You didn’t leave a single butterfly in my stomach
You took my spyglass, no knowin’ what lies ahead
Took my warmth at night, but left a dent in my bed…”

The lyrics of the original song’s short chorus, undoubtedly, hold the biggest emotional pang of Thomas’ “The Things We Used to Share,” as he requests to have something returned to him that only time can essentially “give back”.

“I don’t really care, you can keep the things we used to share
But what did you do with my heart?
What did you do with my heart?”

Within minutes of sharing the song to YouTube, Thomas’ Fanders took to Twitter to praise the kind performer.


Thomas previously confirmed that he was a proud gay man in a video that was reported here on the Inquisitr, and mentioned that he often has to remind people more than once about the truth of his sexuality.

“There’s a running joke where I’ll post something [on social] about liking guys and every single time [I do], someone asks me, ‘is this your coming out post,'” Thomas joked in his “Having Pride” video, adding, “and I’m like, ‘I guess so! If you didn’t it you know it before, well, here’s my coming out post!”

Thomas Sanders’ original song, “The Things We Used to Share,” can be heard in full below or on iTunes and Spotify, where they’re now streaming. Also, feel free to keep up with the kind YouTube phenom on his Instagram and Twitter profiles.

[Featured Image by Thomas Sanders/Instagram]