FBI Investigation Intensifies Against Bernie Sanders’s Wife, Will Bernie Sanders Compete In 2020 Elections?

The FBI has been probing into an investigation regarding Jane Sanders, the wife of former presidential contender Bernie Sanders. The investigation is related to a “fraudulent” loan on behalf of Mrs. Sanders and has intensified over the past couple of months. Recently, the case has reached new heights as the investigation uncovers pieces of evidence against Jane Sanders.

The Federal Investigative Agency (FBI) recently seized records from a university that was led by Jane Sanders and called upon a state official to testify before the jury. According to records, Burlington College had purchased 32 acres of land back in 2010 for the purpose of building a new campus. These measures were taken under the authority of Jane Sanders who served as the college’s president. She assured creditors of the loan that college donors were committed to repaying the accrued debt.

The president further told the college’s board of trustees that the institute had a total of around $2.6 million confirmed to come from donations which would then be used to successfully pay off the loan and hence allow the acquisition of the new land for the campus. However, things did not pan out as planned. With the help of a state agency, the college received a loan of $6.7 million from the People’s United Bank but the promised donation money never came. Furthermore, most of the college donors had not accepted the amounts or payment dates that Sanders provided to the People’s United Bank.

As a result, the wife of the Vermont senator stepped down in 2011 from the president’s post due to escalating pressure building up and stemming from college officials. Official investigation into the matter started last year after Donald Trump’s campaign executives communicated with federal banking regulators and the U.S Attorney General and compelled them to look into the matter, regurgitating to investigate Jane Sanders for possible bank fraud. The then Democrat candidate denied these accusations against his partner and labelled them as attacks against his presidential campaign. Sanders spokesman told The Washington Post they had hired a lawyer because they feared the Justice Department could use this investigation as bait in order to curb a possible Bernie Sanders presidential campaign in 2020.

[Featured Image by Win McNamee/Getty Images]