Memphis Police Shooting: 2 Officers Shot, One Killed

A Memphis police shooting on Friday morning left two officers shot and one dead, according to police Chief Toney Armstrong.

Officers Martoiya Lang and William Vromah were serving a drug-related search warrant when the suspect opened fire on officers. Police returned fire and struck the suspect.

Lang was killed during the gunfire exchange, and Vromah, who was struck several times, was taken to the Regional Medical Center. Doctors have listed Vromah in stable condition.

Officer Lang, 32, is survived by her four children.

Police at this time have not revealed the identity of the suspect. Police have also noted that a second person residing in the home was taken into custody but has not been charged with any crimes at this time.

Following the shooting, Memphis Mayor A C Wharton released the following statement:

“Through it all, we appreciate deeply, beyond measure — words can’t express the sacrifice they make for our city.”

Officials in Memphis have already started flying flags at half mass to honor the fallen police officer.

Since taking over the department in 2011, Armstrong has watched as 11 of his officers have now been shot. In responding to the increase in gun related officer deaths, Armstrong says:

“Nobody has a Second Amendment right to load up and kill a police officer.”

The Police Chief says the problem is that too many criminals have too many guns to be controlled.

An investigation into the shooting death of Martoiya Lang is still underway, and officers have gathered outside the Regional Medical Center to pay their respects to a fallen associate and friend.

Lang had served with the Memphis Police Department since 2003.