Apple Watch Series 3: New Information Revealed

New Information leaked on Apple Watch 3

We are coming up on the first anniversary of the Apple Watch 2, which was very well received. The Daily Express claimed that with the Watch Series 2, it was finally time to buy a smartwatch.

“The Apple Watch 2 is finally here bringing a host of new features and improvements to the world’s most popular smartwatch and this is why you should finally consider buying one,” said critic David Snelling, who added that the water-resistant design and GPS made it ideal for fitness fans.

Snelling also liked the improved processor, which helped things go significantly faster on the Watch 2 than the original Apple Watch. He didn’t like the fact that there was still no choice for an always-on display and the fact that the battery life was still dismal.

However, others noted that the battery life really was a lot better than it was on the first Apple Watch, and some noted that they went for at least two days without charging their devices. However, the biggest improvement on the Apple Watch 2 was speed. For example, on the first Apple Watch, if you said, “Drive to the closest Best Buy” to Siri, you would have to wait at least a minute before your route appears and your Watch is ready to tap you to make the next turn. The process takes about 25 seconds on the Series 2 — this still isn’t optimal, but it’s an improvement.

Improvements helped Apple Watch Series 2

It appears that the third version of the Apple Watch may be even faster, and it will add other enhancements as well. According to CNET, the new Watch could have standalone LTE connectivity, a FaceTime camera, a Micro-LED display, a lighter design, sleep tracking, Glucose monitoring, and improved wireless charging.

The new Apple Watch will also run Apple’s latest Watch operating system, watchOS4. According to MacRumors, the new operating system will bring improvements Apple’s smartwatch. Some of those improvements include a new vertical dock, new watch faces, support for high-intensity interval training, an improved Music app, and an even smarter version of Siri.

The Apple Watch Series 3 has caused a lot of excitement on Twitter.

No matter how excited people are, the fact that the Apple Watch has not made smartwatch devices mainstream is still important to note. Apple always had the ability to take things other companies failed at and turn them into iconic devices. That hasn’t happened with the Apple Watch yet. Do you think the third version of the Watch will change things? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

[Featured Image by Richard Vogel/AP Images]