July 23, 2017
WWE Fans Express Serious Concern After Frightening Picture Of Paige And Alberto El Patron Posted Online

It is no surprise that there is a lot of confusion and trouble going on between Paige, Alberto El Patron (Del Rio), and WWE, but a new picture may be the most concerning thing yet. As talk of domestic abuse and criminal charges continue to be passed around, it seems as if Paige and Alberto El Patron are still together. As a new photo of the couple appeared online Saturday evening that has fans overly concerned for the well-being of the former WWE Divas Champion.

Earlier this month, Alberto El Patron was suspended by Global Force Wrestling as an investigation was conducted regarding a domestic violence incident at the Orlando International Airport, according to TMZ. At the time, it was said that El Patron allegedly "roughed up" a female companion, but things changed.

As the investigation went on, it was realized that Paige should be charged with battery in the incident while El Patron was cleared, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet.

That situation is only one of many tumultuous events that have taken place in the lives of the couple recently which includes a number of supposed break-ups. Now, they are seemingly still together and even posted a photo online on Saturday night.

It was this photo which made fans of Paige very concerned.

As you can see, Paige looks extremely thin, especially in her chest right under the neck. The plunging neckline on her dress makes it easy to see that her chest is sunken in and that her bones are actually quite visible to the naked eye.

UPDATE at 6:15 p.m. Eastern

Paige took to Twitter to respond to fans after they started expressing concern over her health.

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PW Mania noticed that fans immediately began voicing their concern online over how Paige looks and are wondering if she is healthy at all.

There is really no way of anyone knowing what the case is or how thin Paige actually looks unless they were there when this picture was taken. It could be bad lighting or the angle or anything like that, but it's safe to say that she looks extraordinarily thin in this photo and unlike how anyone has seen her in the last few years.

As Pop Culture has reported, the behaviors that Paige has been showing recently are concerning to all those that know her.

Paige hasn't been seen in the ring or doing anything with WWE in quite a long time due to injuries and numerous other things that have been going on. She is still in a relationship with the current Global Force Wrestling Champion Alberto El Patron, and many are concerned about her during all of this. This new picture shows Paige looking extremely thin, and it is hard for anyone to say that she appears healthy in any sense of the imagination which has brought about much worry from fans.

[Featured Image by WWE]