Hilary Duff Robbed Of Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Jewelry While Away On Vacation

Hilary Duff is the latest celebrity to be targeted by jewel thieves. The star had her house broken into while she was away on vacation in Canada, with the robbers looking for anything they could get their hands on. According to reports, the star’s home alarm system never went off, and she was quickly relieved of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry.

Hilary Duff, 29, has been happily posting pictures of herself with her family while on vacation in Canada, making some believe that this tipped off the thieves to her whereabouts and saw her home as an open invitation to help themselves to her things.

The Younger actress has reportedly beefed up security since the incident, but most of all, the former Disney Channel star is simply happy that her family, staff and pets are all safe and unharmed from the incident.

The star is still in Canada, as her ex-husband Mike Comrie is from the area. She and her son, Luca, 5, have been vacationing in the northern country, swimming in what appears to be a lake.

Hilary Duff looks to be having fun despite the jewelry heist, and was seen doing gymnastics and diving into the lake she and her son are hanging out at.


The star stated on her Instagram that she and son, Luca, are “losing track of days” as they sun somewhere in Canada.

Hilary Duff is spending much needed quality time with her son, as she wrote on her Instagram that sometimes she has to spend days or weeks away from her little one while she is shooting for her TV series. One of her cast members sent her a poem to help her cope with the stress of being away from her son, which she proudly and thankfully posted on Instagram.

Luca has been spotted on Hilary’s account as he learns to water ski and the pair are seen in a helicopter together having fun. Before she left for Canada, Hilary Duff and her son were seen together hanging out in Southern California having a beach day together and enjoying the warm California sun.


[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]