This Goat’s Deformed Face Is So Scary That Locals Called The Police [Photos]

A baby goat born on a farm in San Luis province in central Argentina was so horribly deformed that frightened locals called the police to document the bizarre find. The goat’s owner, Gladys Oveido, admitted she was very surprised when she saw the kid’s face.

The Mirror reported that locals feared the demonic features of the goat that was born without eyes and with “human lips,” calling it evil.

Pictures of the deformed goat were taken by Gladys’s daughter-in-law, who posted them on social media. Gladys admitted she was not surprised that the goat’s arrival attracted so much attention.

“The rest of the baby is normal, it only has deformations in the head. It is unusual what happened.”

Sadly, the kid only survived for about three hours after its birth.

According to the Daily Mail, the goat had protruding eyes and a flat, human-like face when it was born. Photos taken of the baby and posted on social media immediately went viral.

The kid was found in the family’s field soon after birth; it was one of three born to Oveido’s goat.

Oveido spoke with local news outlet El Chorrillero, saying, “As soon as I saw it, I realized the deformation.”

“She had her eyes raised but the rest of her body was normal.”


Gladys said she brought the kid in from the field and tried to feed it milk from a spoon, but its health very quickly deteriorated, and three hours later it died.


Oveido said she has no idea why the goat may have been born with such deformities, saying it’s the first time this has happened in their area.


On the topic of animal abnormalities, a report comes from China that a farmer has saved a two-headed piglet from slaughter, deciding instead to keep it as a pet, according to the Mirror.

The kind-hearted farmer has separated the four-eyed piglet from its siblings and will raise the animal himself. It is believed this rare two-headed piglet can walk around on its own, albeit slightly wobbly and unstable, but it is unknown at this point which mouth it uses. The unusual little piglet has two eyes on either side of its conjoined head.


The little piglet has already survived for a few weeks but sadly is unlikely to survive into adulthood. It is believed the piglet’s condition is a result of a freak genetic mutation; however, should it live a longer-than-expected life, its owners have stated that it will never be slaughtered.


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